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June 2012

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Privacy Statement

Like almost all web sites, we collect a limited amount of data about our visitors for the purposes of statistical tracking, keyword analysis, referrer analysis, pages visited and IP address of visitor. This enables us to understand our visitors better and find which pages are popular and why. Logs are also maintained for security reasons.

There is no information we store that is subject to the United Kingdom's Data Protection Act.

When you follow an advertiser link on the site, that information is tracked by that advertiser who will collect personal information about you when you make a transaction. In some cases we will receive a commission for any products sold through this type of referral, but under no circumstances is any personal information passed back from the advertiser to us.

Any information collected by ourselves is private and for our own use only and not revealed to third parties except in cases of violation of law, harassment, or violation of hosts or service providers acceptable use policies. A general exception to this is where information is published in the public interest to prevent or expose fraud or illegal activity.

Google Analytics is used to analyze traffic to this web site. Google Analytics does not create individual profiles for visitors and only collects aggregate data. We use Google AdSense on some pages, but do not participate in Google's "interest based advertising". You can read more about Google's privacy policy here.

Cookies: use of this site means that you accept our cookies. Cookies are set by dynamoo.com and blog.dynamoo.com to track repeat visitors and referral information. To be honest, we'd probably sooner not set cookies at all but it seems to be impossible with our hosting set up. Google Analytics also sets a cookie, and you may see cookies from Google Adsense and other Google products. You can find out more about cookies here.

Email sent to our domain or the dynamoo@spamcop.net email address becomes our property. We will take care to preserve the privacy of correspondents, personal information and contact details will not be reposted in normal circumstances. A general exception is made in the cases of fraud, spam or legal threats where we reserve the right to publish personally identifiable information - if you do not wish this to happen, then please do not send us spam, fraudulent emails or legal threats.


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