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May 2004

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Webmaster Resources

Choosing a domain name can be one of the most difficult things you'll have to do when starting a web site. Dynamoo's guide to Choosing a Domain Name should give you some ideas on how to brand your site and avoid common pitfalls.

Pieces of Seven shows how reusing a domain name, combined with a little ingenuity can create a cash-earning site quite quickly. Make money fast it isn't, but you might learn some pointers to use yourself.

Part of the secret of running a web site is promotion which can be expensive, but there are often shortcuts and important free services that shouldn't be overlooked. Promoting Your Web Site with ODP covers the popular Open Directory (DMOZ) and gives some guidance on how to get listed. Renewed ZEAL - Promoting Your Web Site with Zeal.com is about LookSmart's volunteer-run directory for nonprofit sites.

We also take a look at what happens with the Slashdot Effect - a huge rollercoaster ride of visitors that can happen if you get picked up by one of the world's largest online communities.

Finding the perfect partner can be difficult - and the same thing applies to web hosts. Dynamoo put several web hosts head-to-head in a comparative review to find the best customer service the best value-for-money planes on the market.

If you promote sites through the Open Directory, then you should beware of the Topsites.us / Topsitez.us Bogus "Renewal" Notices - not everything is what is seems with these people!


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