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Dynamoo Diary

NOTE: Most stuff is now in the blog.

September 2011 - Terror and the Web Part 4
Ten years after 9/11

March 2008 - Apple Safari - How Did I Get That Icon?
A question that millions of Windows users are asking themselves.

January 2008 - Blocking BBC iPlayer, 4OD and Sky-by-Broadband
Video on demand can be great in the home.. but a nightmare for businesses.

October 2007 - Malware-scan.com / Newbieadguide.com hijacking Yourmusic.com banner ads
Flash banners get hijacked by a rogue anti-spyware application.

May 2007 - Bedford Elections 2007 and the electronic counting fiasco
Sometimes the old-fashioned ways of doing things are the best

March 2007 - BlueMountains Greetings - "You just received an Electronic Greeting" virus.
Another trojanised greetings card.

January 2007 - INOVA Technology: A History of Spam
The Topsites saga just won't go away.

September 2006 - D-Link DCS-950G Review
A promising device let down by the fact that it's rubbish.

August 2006 - www.All-Yours.net: Bogus Postcard Messages
Yet another fake postcard bearing a virus.

July 2006 - Spysoftcentral.com Fake "Order Approval Notification" Emails
Another nasty trojan in a convincing looking email.

July 2006 - LBM Direct Marketing Ltd - Nuisance Calls
How to complain about silent calls from this marketing company.

February 2006 - www-goto.com Spam Emails and Edgetech Services
The latest twist in a long-running spam saga.

January 2006 - TotalBusiness.com / Traders World Monthly - "Photo Approval" email
A convincing-looking email that harbours a dangerous virus.

December 2005 -Anatomy of an eBay Scam
An exploration into how scammers use Western Union to defraud unsuspecting eBay buyers.

October 2005 - Quickdimer.com and E-expressprocessing.com "Account Locked" emails
A dangerous email designed to trick visitors into visiting a trojanised web site.

June 2005 - Mikro-n.com Job Offer Scam
Another job offer scam, linked to money laundering and illegal pornography.

May 2005 - Odono International Inc (odono.org) and others - Job Offer Scam
A network of scam sites that try to lure innocent jobseekers into financial fraud.

May 2005 - Plaxo and Bebo - Spam or Spyware?
We look at what is behind these two contact manager applications.

March 2005 - www.TransferGate.com / TransferGate Group Scam
A seriously unpleasant scam with a nasty twist.

February 2005 - Panda Titanium Antivirus 2005 Review
Maybe this is why pandas are an endangered species

Feburary 2005 - For Sale: Topsites.us / Topsites LLC
Would you pay $9m for these spammers?

January 2005 - Warning: "Aunt Edna" email from postcards.org
A nasty trojan pretending to be a postcard

December 2004 - Topsites Revisited - My Directory LLC
Our favourite spammers just don't know when to give up.

November 2004 - Falk AG / falkag.net Serving Viruses and Trojans
Thousands of visitors hit by an IE exploit. Nasty.

May 2004 - The Slashdot Effect
What happens when your site is noticed by one of the world's biggest online communities.

January 2004 - Sharp GX20 Review
A look at this clamshell GSM/camera phone.

October 2003 - More Topsites LLC Scams and Lies
The spammers and scammers are back, this time with a new twist.

July 2003 - MS Hot Fix 823803 Woes
Microsoft manage to kill off a swathe of Windows NT 4.0 with a dodgy update.

July 2003 - equityinvestment.org.uk - Equity Investment Limited Lottery Scam
A warning about this Amsterdam based advanced fee fraud.

May 2003: Norton SystemWorks Spam
Bogus software at bargain prices. Get the low down on what it is and how to report it.

March 2003: Topsites.us Threaten Legal Action
They don't like it up 'em. Topsites threaten legal against Dynamoo.com.

January 2003: Topsites.us / Topsitez.us Bogus "Renewal" Notices
Do you want to shell out a fortune for something that you should get for free?

September 2002: Terror and the Web Part III
A journal of events around the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the US.

June 2002: Web Hosts Go Head-to-Head
Dynamoo looks at different hosting plans from different web hosts and finds some of the best plans and most reliable hosts out there.

February 2002: Pieces of Seven
Tips on how to build a site quickly, especially useful when you've back ordered the domain.

December 2001: Terror and the Web Part II
A look at some of the longer-term effects of September 11.

November 2001: Renewed ZEAL - Promoting Your Web Site with Zeal.com
Zeal is an ofter-overlooked but increasing important web directory. Learn about the benefits of submitting your site to Zeal.

October 2001: Domain Names and Party Games Part II
When the going gets tough, the tought go back-ordering. There are several ways to get the domain name you really want..

September 2001: Terror and the Web
A short study on the effects on the Web of the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001.

July 2001: Promoting Your Web Site with ODP
The Open Directory project (ODP, aka DMOZ) is an often-overlooked but free tool for website marketing. Dynamoo explores some of the best ways to get listed in this highly useful directory.

June 2001: The Privacy Issue
Governments, hackers, snoopers, coworkers - they're all at it. Dynamoo examines some of the issues involved in keeping your private matters private.

May 2001: Snap Happy
Dynamoo reviews the Kodak DC3200, and finds that this is an ideal entry-level digital camera, though not without its faults.

April 2001: Domain Names and Party Games
What's in a name? Not a lot according to Dynamoo, but some people seem to think otherwise


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