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March 2005

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About Dynamoo.com

Dynamoo.com is primarily the work of Conrad Longmore, although quite a lot of the material has been compiled with the help of visitor comments and work done by dozens of occasional submitters and correspondents, many of whom would like to remain anonymous. The site can be best defined as a fairly eclectic collection of material ranging from obscure computer science, to webmaster issues, scams, internet security, bits and pieces of technology and various other matters.

Taking a stand against scams and fraud sometimes means that we get Joe Jobbed. If you've come here looking for illegal stuff, then you've come to the wrong place. However, if you have something to add to help add to information on frauds and scams covered on this site, then drop me an email.

Some sections of the site have affiliate links on them - Dynamoo.com does not hold any products, cannot help you with pre- or post-sales enquiries or technical support if stuff goes wrong. Sometimes Dynamoo.com receives email messages clearly designed to defraud, and we reserve the right to publish attempted fraudulent information in the interests of the public. Please read our privacy policy.

If you have a query about the content of this site, would like more information, have something useful to add or would like to republish material then please contact dynamoo@spamcop.net

Here's a nice picture of some cows enjoying the view at The Lizard, Cornwall, UK.


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