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January 2009

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NATO Phonetic Alphabet

A - Alpha
K - Kilo
U - Uniform
 0 - Zero
B - Bravo
L - Lima
V - Victor
1 - Wun (One)
C - Charlie
M - Mike
W - Whiskey
2 - Two
D - Delta
N - November
X - X-ray
3 - Tree (Three)
E - Echo
O - Oscar
Y - Yankee
4 - Fower (Four)
F - Foxtrot
P - Papa
Z - Zulu
5 - Fife (Five)
G - Golf
Q - Quebec
6 - Six
H - Hotel
R - Romeo
. - decimal (point)
 7 - Seven
I - India
S - Sierra
. - (full) stop
8 - Ait (Eight)
J - Juliet
T - Tango
9 - Niner (Nine)

New: PDF format to print out

Why? Well, let's face it.. there's no dignity in saying "Dog Yeti Nutcase Apple Mother Otter Otter" on the telephone. 

Why NATO? The NATO Phonetic Alphabet was developed in the 1950s to be intelligible (and pronounceable) to all NATO allies in the heat of battle. It replaced other phonetic alphabets, for example the US military "able baker" alphabet.

So it's the standard? The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is now widely used in business and telecommunications in Europe and North America. There are dozens of other standards in use throughout the world, but then the great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from.

Quiet night in? You too can pretend to be a police dispatcher - Hotel Alpha Victor Echo Foxtrot Uniform November! ;)

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