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March 2005

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Conrad Longmore

 Conrad LongmoreAs far as I know, there is only one person with the name "Conrad Longmore" on the entire planet. That means that everything you read about me is either true or a lie made up by someone I've annoyed. I'm good at annoying people, so there are quite a few lies. On the right is a rare photo of me, in this case standing near the source of the River Liffey in the Wicklow Mountains.

Just the basics, in case you're wondering if I am actually another Conrad Longmore from the one you know.

  • I live in the UK.
  • I was a student at Birmingham University. Not a very good one, and definitely one that used to annoy the staff.
  • I've also worked in Further and Higher Education and have dealt with many deeply annoying students, presumably as some sort of penance.
  • I've run a web site since the mid 1990s. My first web site is archived here.
  • I own several websites and domains, many of which are parody sites of commercial, governmental and political organisations.
  • I am a member of the Liberal Democrats and have been since the party was founded.
  • I spent five years as a County Councillor which was a mixture of frustration and fruitfulness.
  • I work in IT... this means that inevitably I also like science fiction.
  • I am happily married.
  • I have a sense of humour.
  • My home is over-run with clutter, books and soft toys.
  • You can contact me via my industrial strength spam filter at dynamoo@spamcop.net

In case you've come across some spam or a suspect message with my name of this domain on it:

  • I don't send out spam advertising dodgy and illegal services.
  • I don't spam people's guestbooks.
  • I don't send out viruses. Not one. Ever.

If you receive a spam claiming to be from me or Dynamoo.com, please feel free to report it to SpamCop.



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