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May 2010

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: May 2010

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "M" gives more of an insight to the good and bad points of LBM and its call centres:
    I used to work for LBM, and did for over 4 years and would like to shed some light on some of the things I see in your blog, LBM is not the best place to work for and no matter how bad a campaign may be going For Example Vodafone, Sales Managers etc will always push their staff, for example, the last campaign I worked for was AOL, I believe AOL and LBM still work together, How is beyond me, the AOL product is not competitive and has a bad name, yet when the sales agents let this point be known, Sales Managers etc would say it's because we were not trying hard enough.  This leaves a very negative work place and staff leave. LBM's staff turnover for the last year has been quite ridiculous, it's been more like a revolving door.  I must say though I was at times treated great, and I was at time treated wrong, but I do agree, nuisance calls are a pain, the reason calls persist is due to staff not logging calls correctly, I have so many times dialled a number when some one had previously dialled it before me, and although the customer was not interested was logged incorrectly.

    As far as LBM masquerading as Vodafone, O2 etc, they are not, these companies pay for seats within LBM's call centres, and dial on behalf of that company, and that company gives LBM the database to dial.

    Being Ex Directory mean jack!! It only prevents your name from appearing in the phone book, if you by mistake do not tick the box when signing with BT ( for example ) that you do not want further contact, you will get nuisance calls, as your details will be shared. Only the TPS will remove you from marketing calls.

    As far as call from Vodafone, we dial a lot of existing customers when I was their, if you don't believe we are Vodafone fair enough, but when asked, please dial 191, and I'll leave notes on what the call was regarding. Don't be abusive and say you don't care, for all you know some one has ordered a phone on your name and were making you aware......

    On that note, I don't think anyone likes a call centre calling trying to sell you some thing, however, think about it, it most cases, targets are hit and we make a decent living, if people were not buying, we wouldn't have a job would we.

    I must add, I have worked on both outbound cold calls and inbound customer care calls.....When you want something Mr Customer, your a lot nicer. So remember, unless your being spoke to with no manners, just be polite if your not intersted or even if it's your third call, you will get a better response, and yes we are trained to try and overcome objections, NOT PESTER, which some agents do


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