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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: January 2010

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "J" expresses frustrations with LBM, and says that he was called after registering with O2, even though he expressed that he didn't want to be:
    Hi my name is "John", today 07/01/10 i recieved 2 missed calls from the number 08000641087 and 01613800304 because i was at work at the time. I then answered third call from 08000641087 at 18:20 and answered the phone picked up the phone ( heres how the conversation played out) " hello......(no reply)..helloo...no reply... (check phone signal full bar) static noise hello...". "good evening is that Mr. John", " who sorry?", "John?", "sorry i think you may have the wrong number." "my apologies have a good evening" (hung up). I then decied to google the number to find out who may have been trying to call me. (John being alias i use when registering on online websites which is very few) I then came across this website http://www.dynamoo.com/ and noticed that the number is linked to the LBM direct marketing and they call on "behalf of o2". I find this very strange because only just yesturday 06/01/10 i registered with o2 online to purchase a new phone of there online store. And while registering i recall where it says please click the box if you would like us to forward your details to some of our third partie blah....... and I allways makesure that I check or in this case unchecked the box so that my details won't be passed on. So I went from in 24 hours registering my details with o2 (www.o2.co.uk) to recieving fishing scam phone calls. I find it odd this company is still kept in operation sense first complaints back in 2006?  and even more odd that o2 themselfs where willing to pass on my details to third party companies even after checking the box declairing i didn't want them to. hmmm anyways thanks for taking time to read this poorly written email on my first of im sure many predicaments with this company.
  • "J" gives an update a few days later:
    Me again thought I would email you on the update on my results. After receiving the first call and telling them they must have the wrong number, I havn't received another call from them sense 7/01/2009. so good advice you may wan't to give out is, if any of the calls refer to you by name ( so if they already have you're name rather then saying sir/ma'am) then just say sorry this isn't "name" and say they must have the wrong number. 


  • "R" is pleased to be an ex-employee of LBM:
     Today I quit my 'job' at HELL. B. M and thank the lord for saving me!!! this has to be the worst job in all my 39 years I have had to endure.As someone said before it is like being a battery hen for 8 hours every day, my brain was turning to much!  I was saying the same thing every call, every day it was horrendous.A friend of mine left just after Christmas and we agreed that if Monkeys could talk the place would be full of them!!

    [section redacted]. Anyhow am now free from their clutches and by the grace of god I will never be back in that God forsaken place again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pity the poor souls who are still there.


  • "J" expresses the frustration that many people feel when they get multiple calls:
    I am a disabled lady and am sick of struggling to the phone, i have tried to opt out of these phone calls about 8 times now over a periods of 3 months, this is driving me crazy.why wont they leave me alone !!!! 


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