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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: December 2009

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "P" is not a happy LBM bunny:
    I currently work for LBM and have to be the MOST ridiculous company to work for, your are only a number and don't let them tell you otherwise. They force you into mis-selling put you under extreme pressure to sell and its Managers only feed of your hands i.e. No Sales mangers get No Bonus and then they put you through hell.

    I cant sleep at night worrying am I going to be next on their hit list and be jobless just before christmas, I swear I wish I never accepted this job.


  • "J" explains the workings of LBM in some more detail:
    I have recently found your site about LBM Direct marketing and various other companies, and though i will admit to knowing little about the others, I would like to make a few observations on your comments about LBM. You say LBM calls UK mobile phone and landlines "masquerading" as various companys, I would point out to you that LBM is an outsourcing company, this meens it is employed by O2, Vodafone and many others to run parts of their costomer service departments, and not only to make outgoing calls: if you call O2 there is a good chance you will be put through to LBM as the network also employs LBM to handle its incoming calls. If you take issue to talking to an employee of LBM I suggest you never contact the following companies: O2, Vodafone, More Than, Carphone Warehouse, ScottishPower, Orange, Alliance Leicester, centrica, SKY, AA, FedEx, Staples, HSBC, and Loyds TSB as some or most parts of their incoming and outgoing customer service departments are outsourced to LBM. I would also ask you: if the information on your site was true and LMB were using the names of these companies illegaly then they would surly have been stopped by now? Also, what would they stand to gain from you if they were not working on behalf of the companies they say thay are? I realise I am unlikly to change your mind on this issue as you obviously feel strongly about it, i only wish to understand your reasoning.


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