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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: April 2009

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  •  "J" has a very different take and a very different point of view from ours.
    I have read many of the 'complaints' on this website about LBM and most of them are laughable. What is really despicable is the way that Dynamoo whip these people into a frenzy by publishing certain cretinous emails and complaints.

    The real problem is based around that the average Joe not understanding data and direct marketing. I do not go to tax and financial websites and rant because I don't really understand the intricasies so I would probably be incorrect.

    1 ) "People Masquerading as Vodafone etc"
    This really is comical as Dynamoo frequently uses this word to whip up the frenzied masses and imply deception.

    Companies like Vodafone, 02, Sky, The AA etc... outsource there telemarketing work. THEY commission LBM to undertake outbound and inbound work. They are specifically told as part of contracts to be calling 'from Vodafone' or on behalf of Vodafone. This is Vodafones issue/desire not LBM's. How many people will be putting their phone in the bin because of it? None - they just want to rant on here when they see your work.

    2 ) "They called me and I am on the TPS - its a disgrace.....blah blah"
    Sky called you, not LBM. Vodafone called you, not LBM - they are merely using LBM's technology and manpower and are fully aware of ALL data used. The fact is that at least half of the idiots that complain on this website have a skybox in their lounge or an 02 phone in their pocket. THIS IS IMPORTANT AS YOU ARE A CUSTOMER!! and its the company involved communicating with the customer which they are allowed to do.

    Why don't you tell this to everyone Dynamoo? Oh wait, because that doesnt get people mad does it?

    You can also be contacted for market research purposes on TPS also - if its not a sales call. But lets gloss over this shall we?

    Anyone who is on the TPS and they are recieving calls from companies who have no link to them - then thats a problem. I do know that direct marketing companies worth their salt and certainly LBM adheres to many principles TPS every 10 days - legal requirement is 28.

    3 ) Silent Calls and Tech issues etc
    This is something that I don't defend. I believe that this problem has been largely resolved and complaints are reducing as call centres develop.

    4 ) "Unsolicited Email"
    LBM adhere to the EU and UK guidelines regarding b2b email broadcasting. Check them. Its all legal and above board and standard practise amongst the DM industry. Ask the DMA about them - they are aware of what LBM do and have no issue. Hold on a minute though, that's not a story so lets just print people getting annoyed about receiving an email. Considering there are literally millions of b2b emails sent a day, the few responses you print are needles in haystacks and can be dealt with by simply unsubscribing.

    At least 60% of your complaints are TPS and this sneaky company called LBM deceiving everyone - tell the people the truth Dynamoo.

    LBM has its problems like any other company. They don't claim to have big blue chip clients - they do have them!! So they are doing many many things right.

    This website is so one sided that I was prompted to take time out of my day and write in.

    Look even your enquiry dialog below is ultra negative

    Have you been pestered by these calls? If so, send us an email and we can share your experience (we'll remove any identifying personal information, of course!) [Alternatively, email dynamoo@spamcop.net with the subject LBM]

    Why not ask for good experiences as well? Its futile though as people generally don't take time out to praise - its easier to complain and actually learn the truth. It might disagree with their blinkered approach.

    and no - I don't work for them surprisingly! :)

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