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January 2009

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: December 2008

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  •  "D" works for LBM and is keen to defend their reputation:
    i currently work for lbm and have been employed for a few years now, firstly lbm as a employer have been fantastic with me, i had to be off sick during my pregnancy for several months and they were really good. i am now back in work after my maternity leave and yet again they have done there best to get me hours to suit my personal needs.

    they have four call-centres and i work in the
    [redacted] branch yes of course it can be annoying to have calls from companies but if it wasn't for lbm over 3000 people would be out of a job. i was really shocked to read the article from a past employee, we are not bullied into selling we are trained about the product and advised how to over come objections...doesn't this happen in every job that involves sales?

    the reason for why the customer will get call backs is because the dialler will but there number back into the system if the call isn't answered...this is normally on a 1 hour wait, a pain yes i know but most customers i call really like the others and discounts that i offer them and they come direct from the company...ie sky, vodafone....if it wasn't for us calling they wouldn't get the chance for the savings.

    if the customer doesn't want the offers the call is dispersion as not interested and there number is taken out of the dialler....it only takes two minutes to listen to the agent if you like what you hear great if not just say....

    one comment i am so annoyed at the most is that lbm take any one on...that is not true at all...during the 2 or 3 week training they have to do 3 tests on what they have learnt and understand about the role...if you don't get over 80% in each test they will look at a different role that will suit you better or tell you your not suited for this type of job. so were he got trained monkeys from is beyond me.

    please don't tie all cold calls with the same brush...maybe i will be calling you one day and you will like the service i will deliver.


  • "T" has a mystery:
    Get loads of these calls from LBM but strangely they come through on my fax line, so never actually spoken to anyone and after a few seconds the call drops. Don't know where they got my fax number, it is not on any published list that I have ever seen. 

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