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July 2008

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: July 2008

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "A" was frustrated, but someone helpful at LBM seems to have sorted the problem out:
     Just to let you know I’ve received several calls on my mobile over the last few days from what I believe to LBM – I googled the number (0800 064 1087) and read about others’ experience. Fortunately my phone has been on silent each time I’ve been called, so have not answered the calls. Today I rang 0161 616 0776 and spoke to a helpful woman who said she’d take my number off the list immediately. I wait to see what happens!
  • "P" clears up a mystery:
    Hi, I've just been reading your website regarding LBM marketing and the silent calls after googling the number 08000272500.  I contacted the Direct Marketing Association and they have advised me that these calls are not coming from LBM and on further investigation (I rang the number back) the recorded message states that the message comes from a company calles MGT Plc, their details are as follows:

    Head Office
    Cluny Court
    John Smith Business Park
    Fife KY2 6QJ
    United Kingdom
    T: +44(0)870 840 7000
    F: +44(0)870 840 7001
    E: enquiries@mgtplc.com London Office
    8 Golden Square
    W1F 9HY
    United Kingdom

    T: +44(0)870 840 7000
    F: +44(0)207 287 7815
    E: enquiries@mgtplc.com

    Ironically they're are based in Prime Minister Gordon Brown's constituency, so along with complaining to Ofcom, the DMA and the company directly I thought a quick email to the PM's office might get them to stop ringing me.
  • "L" gets calls from "Orange":
    I have repeatedly received calls from 08009524854 and I am told they are calling from Orange.

    I do have a mobile that is registered with Orange, when I question why they are asking me which network I am on and why they want to know the information they are asking, they usually come back with a load of lies.
  • "A" demonstrates that both young and old can be annoyed by these calls:
    Yep, here it is, another complant, I am only 14 & am sick to the back teeth about it, I didn't know I could register my Mobile Phone with the Telephone Prerence service until I saw your site (Thanks). I am thinking about ringing the 0161 number on your page & complaning if i revieve any more phone calls.


  • "T" says:
    Thank you very much for your very interesting website.
    I also have been getting calls from 08000641087 several times a day.
    Never answered the call but tried to ring it from my work's phone and all I heard was:
    Welcome and thank you for you call. Today you have been contacted by O2.....
    Never finished listerning to the complete message as I am with Orange and have no intention to change network or mobile phone.

    Last 4 calls (apparently they don't work weekends)
    04/07 @ 10.44
    04/07 @ 16.51
    07/07 @ 12.52
    07/07 @ 18.28

    Keep up the good work and I hope all these complaints can shut the whole company down.


  • "R" explains that technical difficulties at LBM make them even more annoying than usual:
    I have been receiving phone calls on my mobile from two different numbers over the past few days. I try calling the number back and its either engaged or 'dealing with technical difficulties'.

    I told my friend about these calls and he told me to type the phone numbers into Google. I then came across your website and both of the numbers are from.....you've guessed it LBM!!!

    It's so annoying, I'm glad I'm not the only person receiving these calls though. I have emailed them to stop the phone calls and demand that they email me back otherwise I will take further action.

    I think that it is absolutely disgusting that peoples phone numbers can be gotten hold of so easily, there should be a stop put to this. Thank you for your useful information!


  • "B" gives a graphic example of how poor LBM's calling service is:
    They cold called our landline today...half second delay while automatic  dialler located an operative..... office noise...bad line...asked for someone called Mrs Parks???????...told they had wrong number and we cut  them off.

    1471 brought up 08000130051

    That brought up LBM and your site via Google.


  • "A" is brief and to the point:
    they phone 2/3 times daily starting to hack me right off.


  • "T" writes:
    I have been receiving calls from 08000641087 to my mobile for the past 9 days. I am receiving up to 6 ‘silent’ calls a day – one was after midnight! I have taken up your suggestion and e-mailed ‘Watchdog’. I have also e-mailed Christine Hodson hoping that this will work. May I take this opportunity to thank your web-site for the advice.


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