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July 2008

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: June 2008

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "K" reports on a new field for LBM:
     i just got a marketing call from these people regarding new legislation on unsecured debt, i am regestered with the TPS and when i asked for a team leader they hung up

    I did 1471 and got there number which when i called i got an answering machine message which gave me there freephone number 08000272500 so i called it (which costs THEM money when YOU call them)

    so i kept calling hoping someone would pick up the phone but as you can guess no-one did after about 100 calls i gave up but will try again when i have some free time.


  • "L" is concerned about where LBM gets its data from:
    I have been pestered with calls on my mobile from these people via their 0800 0641087 number. I have found some info that they call people at random about phone contracts running out. The weird thing is I'm not on contract, I've got PAYG, and I very rarely give out my mobile number to people I don't know. So I would like to now how they got my number? Is my phone provider selling my number to them?


  • "J"'s story is a familiar one:
    Just wanted to add to the large list!
    Have been bothered by the number 08000130051 for about a week now, several times a day.
    I, like a few of your other messagers, looked up the number and found it to be LBM.
    I didn't bother answering the first 10 or so calls but today did and was greeted by a man calling me by name and stating he was calling from 'Consumer Lifestyle'.
    I asked him outright if he was calling from LBM and he said he wasn't - so I asked why the number he was calling from was registered to LBM and he stated it definitely wasn't LBM!
    I got fed up & hung up on him.
    I have the option of 'Choose to refuse' with BT and will ban this number if they continue to bother me but I find it unbelievanble that this company keeps getting away with lying over who they really are.

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