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July 2008

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: May 2008

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "J" claims further unethical practices at LBM:
    Heres an interesting blog for you.  I received a scam phone call yesterday from LBM and yes theres nuisance calls are starting all over again!!!!!!!!!!!  They phoned me claiming they were vodafone and wanted to offer me an upgrade deal.  I accepted this only to find out half an hour later that they had signed me up for a brand new mobile number.  How can people work like this, it shouldnt be allowed!!!!!!!!! 


  • "C" expresses frustration with both LBM and Vodafone:
    Bought my phone in jan and now have just started getting the 08000641087 calls, if i answer there is no reply. Signed up with TPS maybe that will stop it? Vodafone dont seem to want to know when i contacted them about it....


  •  "X" is a former LBM employee who explains how the calling lists work:
    Brilliant site about LBM. I am a previous worker for LBM and have some information that may help you.

    The cold calls LBM make are from a data list. Those data lists are meant to be for each client ( O2, Orange, CPW) what happens is after, say Orange have dialed there data list and cant get any more sales from it, that list is then given to O2. In turn, this means people get a hell of a lot of spam calls. They simply donít have the data to supply all there clients so one month Orange will do great while O2 suffers and vice versa.

    You may also want to check out this link
    BSkyB move means job losses

    The part to highlight is this "LBM, majority owned by ISIS" ISIS is a company that offers directors a way out!


  • "M" is really cross. And doesn't like traffic wardens either:
    This firm are an annoying pest and should be put down.  They have been using some automated dialling system to call my phone and then hang up when answered.  After several such calls on each of several days I called 1471 to learn the number which called was 08000641081.  I called that only to be asked to call another number to unsubscribe.  I somehow doubt it will work.

    Apart from the cost of a 1471 call and a lot of time running to the phone only to be annoyed, I've not really lost much.  However I now hate the scum who operate such tactics and hope they and their companies will be hounded to extinction.  Surely they could get a more worthwhile career - perhaps as a traffic warden!


  • "J" echoes the sentiments of many:
    I have just been contacted by this awful people. I stupidly called back the number and it was on my mobile thinking that LBM stood for a well known bank.  Luckily I chose the option to stop my mobile number being used by them.  I did not realise who they were until I looked on google. It is disgusting the way they carry out their business.

    Yours a very harassed member of the public.
  • "M" is very forthright ex-employee. So much so that we've bleeped some bits out:
    i use to work their an all i can say is that it is a f-----g s--t company to work for the bullying, low pay and long hours the only good thing about that company is that i no longer work their if you want to know more please do ask that place is a s--t hole


  • "G" is anxious, realising part way through a conversation that something was wrong. All we can say is that LBM are not an organised crime ring, instead they are a legitimate company with some very poor marketing practices:
    I am hoping you can put my mind at ease. Iíve recently been tricked into revealing personal information from a phone scam masquerading as a 02 mobile salesperson (08000641087, LBM marketing). I gave my name, date of birth and home and email address but at the point of them asking I refused to give my bank details and hung up. I saw your site about complaints regarding this company but have been unsuccessfully searching to see experiences of someone else falling into this trap and what can be done about those people in my unlucky situation.  
  • "J" is another TPS subscriber:
    Your website is great, and a good read. I have been on TPS for 3 years and just spoken to them about LBM and their call to me this afternoon. I have been sent the paperwork to fill out and send back.


  •  "C" is getting the silent treatment:
    Just a note to add to your site, i have been receiving calls from these people for the past 2 weeks.  They can ring anytime from 4 pm upto about 6.30-7.00pm and as soon as i pick up the phone goes silent, and yes they do use several different numbers.  I hope you can stop these nuisence calls! 


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