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March 2008





LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: January 2008

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • A new year, but LBM are still up to their own tricks according to "L":
    The LBM have been bombarding our home phone with calls for the last FOUR weeks! Generally, 1 3 times a day. Im getting really sick of it! Most of the time our answering machine kicks in and records a few seconds of office background noise before they hang up. Occasionally we have been lucky enough that they have left us a recorded message telling us who they are and what we have to do to stop them ringing (not that I am going to pay for a call to stop them!!!).

    The number that calls us all the time is 08000 641081.

    I am going to make an official complaint to the relevant regulation authorities and I might even see if BT can barr any more calls from that number as it is a real annoyance.

    Thank you for all the helpful info on your site. 


  •  "M" points out a silly typo on our site.. oops! And he's yet another TPS subscriber.
    I am registered with TPS and was continually receiving calls from 08000641087 amongst others. On calling this number and google-ing it the call is supposedly from O2 with which I have no connecton so this is blatantly spam.

    I called the Mr Khurram Akram (please check the number you display for him its 1061 not 061) you suggested who said he would arrange removal of my number. Ill wait and see! 


  • "J" gives another example where the calls have been annoying over a long period of time:
     I have been pestered with calls from LBM for the past two weeks at least 4 times per day.  It is such a pain, something should be done to stop these people.


  • "D" has a worrying encounter - is it a phone phish, or just LBM up to their old tricks?
    And again - not silent today, but a guy claiming to be from our bank (Lloyds TSB) - but guess what the 1471 number turned out to be... 


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