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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: December 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "L" shows just how annoying this calls can be:
    I received two phone calls from LBM in two days, both at rather inconvenient times. After the first one, I googled the phone number (An 0800 number, and I do this anytime I get an 0800 number and the like) and it referred me to your website. It gave me a lot of useful information and some other customer experience. The next day, I received another phone call from this, which I answered. The caller claimed to be from O2 (which I knew they were not), called me Madam and asked if I was on my mobile phone. I figured that if they were from O2 they would know my name and the fact I was on my mobile phone. I told them I was not interested in what they were trying to sell me and that I knew who they were calling from. He tried to convince me otherwise, and I warned him that I was on the Telephone Preference Service and that if they rang me again I would report them to a higher authority (I already had, as a matter of fact, Id done it the day before) and I hung up on them. As fun as it is to shout at them when you know better, I still find them annoying. Hope this one of many complains Im making will help matter and ensure other people dont have to deal with this hassle. 


  • "B" has been hassled for months:
    I am really glad to have found your webpage regarding this.I do not know why it didn't occur to me to google this number before - 08000641081.

     This number had been calling me for months, sometimes upwards of 9 times a day, sometimes 5 times within 20 minutes.There is never anyone there.As I have been very ill and sometimes sleep in the day, this is unwelcome.I do not unplug the phone as I need to be available for the doctor and others.They just rang again, that's 3 times today alone, they never leave a message on the answerphone.

    There was a previous number which did the same, which I do not now remember, once they actually did have someone on the line, who expressed great surprise at the number of times they had rung.


  • "R" has had calls for several weeks too:
    The LBM have been bombarding our home phone with calls for the last FOUR weeks! Generally, 1 3 times a day. Im getting really sick of it! Most of the time our answering machine kicks in and records a few seconds of office background noise before they hang up. Occasionally we have been lucky enough that they have left us a recorded message telling us who they are and what we have to do to stop them ringing (not that I am going to pay for a call to stop them!!!).

    The number that calls us all the time is 08000 641081.

    I am going to make an official complaint to the relevant regulation authorities and I might even see if BT can barr any more calls from that number as it is a real annoyance.

    Thank you for all the helpful info on your site. 

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