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October 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: October 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "M" says:
    I have recieved 2 calls from LBM in the last 24 hours and like msot people typed the number into google since it seemed a bit suspect. Thank you so much for setting up your website with all the information, I have since registered with TPS and contact watchdog in the hope of highlighting the issue. I have not recently bought a new phone therefore I do not fall into the same category as "j" who ws happy to recieve the phone call. I can see no reason why someone should be contacting me unless I have expressly asked for it. If there is a servcie that people wish me to become aware of then they should advertise in the the mediums available. There are already enough free newspapers, radio and tv channels to make that possible. Thank you again for your website.


  • "R" is TPS registered:
    Caller display showed an incoming call from 0800 0641699 at 17.06 today. I am registered with the TPS and have reported LBM on at least one previous occasion. I shall do so again. 


  • "D" is very frustrated:
    Not only have I been hassled by LBM, but my complaints aren't getting anywhere so far. Now I find that I can't even get on the dma.org.uk website either! Fairly typical of the whole industry, wouldn't you say?


  • "R" says... well, he shows just why using LBM is counter-productive:
    I have just gotten off the phone with Vodafone customer service, where I rang in regards to blocking the number 08080000144 from LBM. I am now getting three calls a day from these morons, and I am getting sick and tired of it. I am a web designer, and during work I like to be settled nice and quiet without the phone going off all the time from LBM. I have never answered the calls, but instead I googled the number and found out everyone else was going mad at them! I knew it wasn't an important call, as after 3 or 4 calls, there was no message left. Anyways, Vodafone said they would file a complaint on my behalf as they could not block the number. If i keep getting calls like this, I am going to go to their offices myself and spend weeks visiting them three times a day, trying to sell them some dog crap in a bag marked "free money". Yeah, lets see how they like that.


  • Lloyds TSB? Really? "C" tells us:
    Nuisance calls are still continuing from the same 08000641081 number. We've had 6 calls in the last day or 2. Worryingly, I answered one without looking at the calling number and the caller asked to speak to someone whose name they appeared to be unable to pronounce beyond the first syllable - presumably hoping to be prompted with a genuine name. I asked who was calling and was told 'This is Lloyds TSB customer services'.  


  • "P" informs us of a senior management reshuffle at LBM:
    I have received 12 silent calls over the last week from 0161 217 8400 and 0161 603 2060 (is this an LBM number?) and decided to take your advice and call Ben Dixon at LBM.

    Apparently he doesn't work for them anymore so you might want to update your website. 


  • "S" is with TPS. But since when did LBM care about TPS?
    I received a call on Saturday afternoon (20th Obctober) from the following number : 0800 783 1574.  I was out at the time, but found the number using 1471.  I realised it was probably a sales call, but we are ex-directory and also registered with TPS, so as it was a freecall number I tried dialling it anyway, simply to get the details of the caller so that I could lodge a formal complaint with TPS.

    What I got was a recorded message saying "The message has been sent as voicemail to -" and then there was a click and the line went dead.

    I then entered the telephone number in Google, and was directed to your website - for which A THOUSAND THANKS!  It is very reassuring (if also somewhat depressing!) to know that I am not alone!

    I have now lodged my complaint with TPS using the information provided on your site, and also called LBMs own freecall opt-out number - though as this took me to an automated service, I'll be interested to see if they actually take any notice of my request!


  • "L" writes:
    Hi Just thought I'd let you know that, having had (and avoided) about 5 calls a day for the last 2 weeks from LBM, I finally phoned the customer service number on their website to complain. Turns out that's just the number to remove yourself from their client's mailing list and, despite a message telling you that you can speak to someone, once you've confirmed your phone number it cuts you off. Hopefully I've now been removed from their list. But since my ex-directory number is registered with TPS, I'm very much not a happy bunny and will be contacting the Information Commissioner's Office to complain.


  • "G" thinks that someone is trying to mis-sell insurance:
    I received a call to my Vodafone mobile yesterday from 0808 0000 144 which I now understand to be LBM. This followed up a previous call earlier in the week.

    The caller claimed to be from Vodafone and asked for my name, address and date of birth. Without thinking I gave them to her. She then tried to say that Vodafone was rewarding my loyalty by giving me three months free insurance. When I declined saying that she was simply trying to sell me insurance the operator became much less friendly. When I repeated my refusal she hung up.

    1. I am annoyed with myself for giving away my personal information to someone who called me.

    2. I would suggest that LBM, if that's who it was, was acting fradulently by claiming to be from Vodafone

    3. I would also suggest that information was taken from me unfairly and therefore in breach of Data Protection legislation

    Presumably Vodafone are aware of this and by not warning customers are, to some extent, complicit in this scam. Might there be any scope in progressing a criminal complaint through the Information Commissioner. What else can be done to prevent this?  


  • "M" gets several calls a day:
    receiving calls 5 and six times a day.  i just sent them an email telling them my number and to cease. thanks for the information on your site.


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