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September 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: September 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "M" is another former employee:
    Used to work for LBM complete cowboys, full of dodgy characters who [accusation redacted].

    They will employ anyone which to be honest has seen the number of 'normal' people working there drop dramatically. Which considering some campaigns require to obtain bank details is staggering. 


  •  "Orange" strikes again, according to "T":
    I am writing to inform you that I have been getting regular calls from LBM.  The number is 0800 952 4854.

    When I call it back, I get the voice automated message but I haven't called back the 0845 number that is given out.

    Of course, I have a mobile and to call back a 0800 number is free and 0845 numbers are even more expensive.

    I have logged the 0800 and whenever it comes up, I either ignore it or reject it, but ideally would like the calls to stop all together.


  • "A" is another person who feels harassed:
    I had a call today but ignored it, Im expecting some calls from O2 etc.  But they usually contact me and leave a message.

    I wondeed what this number was and googled 08000641081.  This led to this site.

    I am now with TPS. Im amazeed and digusted with what these people get up to.  Last week I was hit with stacks of calls from some company.  I picked it up after the seventh miss call.  and I threatened them with OFCOM and Watchdog.  They never called back.


  • Another "A" knows that she is not alone:
    Thanks so much for this site, I now know Im not alone in getting these calls, well far from alone.

    I have received about 50 calls from 08009524854 in the last two months. Whenever they call I usually if I can I answer the phone and put it down somewhere still on. Then it is there choice to put the phone down or not. (I do that with all nuisance calls). Doesn't really bother me that much just annoying.  


  • "G" explains how distressing these calls can be:
     I have just been reading your website and decided to email you. The above company LBM have been calling (on a regular basis) on the number 08000641081 stating to be working on behalf of Lloyds TSB. A few things concerned me when they stated asking for information about my account and why they had called me on my mobile. The question i would like answered is where they get this information from including my mobile number. When i spoke to lloyds tsb they stated they had nothing to do with it and were logging it as a complaint. I will be following your suggestions of complaing about this above company as we have just been the victim of a serious burglary and my wife is finding all this very stressful. 


  • "K" gets a call from Carphone Warehouse.. or is it LBM?
     I was called at 17.28 today by Damien from Talk Talk / Car Phone Warehouse.  He offered me the opportunity to reduce my monthly telephone/broadband charges to £20.49.  It sounded a great offer.  I was asked to confirm my date of birth and full address, which I did.  I became suspicious when he told me that 0845 numbers were more expensive to call than 0870 numbers.  He then asked me to provide bank/card details to set up a direct debit.  At that point, I told him I would not disclose further information over the telephone.  I asked for a telephone number to call him back.  He made it clear that I could only accept the offer by telephone call, and NOT via a secure website.  He would not provide his number but offered me his managerís number [...]  I did 1471 on my telephone and discovered that he had called me from 0800 0641 699.  I searched on the internet for that number, and found it to be a nuisance callerís number.


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