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August 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: August 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "S" has a mystery:
    How come these people are calling me on an ultra private, ex directory, TPS, only given to family & friends tel no.??  Total unwanted intrusion.

    No used was 08000649955.

    Where did they get my no. from??


  •  "J" manages to get LBM to deal with his complaint:
    I have been bothered by the 08000641087 number with several silent calls over the last few days.

    What I find frustrating is the lack of accountability and responsibility shown by the telephone companies and watchdogs. (Not just with this problem but all the problems associated with phones, scams and nuisance calls).

    First I contacted O2 customer services, who are remarkably difficult to contact unless  you are an O2 account holder. They ignored my email,  so eventually I visited an O2 shop and asked them about it. They did not have any knowledge of the number and were unwilling to do anything about it, even though it is their company name being used.

    I then tried my own mobile supplier, Vodaphone, who said they could not do anything. They tried a bit harder when I pointed out one of their customers was being bothered by one of their competitors, but not very much. They recommended ICSTIS (0800500212).

    ICSTIS said they only dealt with premium numbers and gave me Silent Call Guard (08704443969) who recommended registering with them and TPS. I do not know how effective that will be.

    Eventually I found your website describing LBM. The woman I talked to at LBM was very calm and dealt with my complaint very professionally. I guess they will take my number off the server but that does not quite compensate for the bother of having to deal with an uninvited problem.  


  • "I" actually works for LBM:
    I currently work for lbm and i must say when i found your site i realised what a really f---ing annoying company i must work for excuse the language . I tried to get off the certain campaign that i was on and to my annoyance was put on a similar campaign . This in turn has forced me to look 4 another job because not only r u gettin told to peeve off every call u make but your managers make u wanna commit suicide . I have got to say i am in total agreance with every last comment on your page apart from the prat that obviously works there .


  • "B" also works for LBM and has some disturbing insight:
    I have worked in LBM for several years and can confirm that it is common practice to have high powered diallers generating too many calls for agents that they are unable to accept them, hence the calls are dropped. However as I understand the frustration associated with silent calls there are more sinister elements going on within LBM's business.

    Legitimate customers for companies such as Sky television are calling into LBM, thinking it is Sky, and upgrading their current services. As the customer belives it is the reputable company which they have called, they feel comfortable in passing credit card details over the phone. Several telephone agents are then taking this information from unsuspecting customers and then using it for fraudulent purposes including identity theft. LBM has been investigated by the police, and this is a lesson to us all to never hand over personal details on the phone!!! 


  • "A" is angry:


  • "D" has a very direct approach:
    Thanks for your very informative blog, I would like to add my own experience to this, I was called by one of the LBM numbers which went straight to answer machine and the caller left a message of  'F--k Off' and put the phone down. I generally receive about 5-6 silent or marketing calls every day but this is the first time I have had someone giving abuse on the message. This company is a disgrace. 


  • "M" is another unhapper recipient of LBM's attentions:
    I just had my third call from LBM - this time they told me they were my bank. I have advised them not to call me again. They are unprofessional, ill-mannered and worst of all, intrusive. I have dealt with few companies as poor as they and will now contact my bank in order to enquire after this unhappy business.


  • "S" is frustrated:
    I have been receiving several calls a week from LBM  (08000 641087). After Googling them to see who they are, I called up to "opt out" my phone number. All was well for about a week, then the calls started again.  On the times I have picked up the phone I'm told it's "O2, the mobile phone company", I then said "no thanks" and hung up. All that seems to do is get them to call back later.  I phoned O2 to complain and was told they can't do anything about it. I have now made a complaint to LBM, I'll wait and see if that stops the calls.


  • "M" contacted LBM to get his number removed:
    Thanks for the info on LBM. I am getting calls. I have just rung the number you gave for their complaints department and they said they will take my number off the list. Let us see what happens.


  • "P" gives some words of encouragement:
    thank you so much for your website.

    this is just a quick mail to let you know that you ARE making a difference!

    I am a HATER of spam mail (and junk mail through my post box).

    I'm someone who religiously returns mail to the sender because it irritates me so much.

    i was contacted by LBM (i had about 4 missed calls yesterday).

    i typed the number into google and got your website.

    i wish there were more people like you around. 


  •  "S" loses his rag with LBM. And who can blame him?
    I too am being harassed by LBM - they've been calling my mobile telephone for 3 days running so far. Not being one to beat around the bush, I called their offices (Tel No. 0161 929 5799) and left the following simple message:

    "Hi, my name is Steve. You keep calling my personal mobile phone on 07*********. I wish you to stop harassing me immediately or I will be forced to take this matter further. Your use of agressive marketing techniques reveal what a big bunch of bastards you really are. Now bugger off, thank you"

    It's not subtle, but I'm hoping the company secretary will listen carefully to such messages (which I imagine are mostly tinted with agression and annoyance), and he/she may decide to quit, or perhaps inform fellow employees of exactly what the company is doing to it's so called target demographic. Let's hope the company will eat itself from the inside out. 


  • "B" is another TPS subscriber:
    I suddenly started receiving a large number of silent calls from 08007831574.

    Putting this number into Google produced a site naming LBM Marketing as the origin.

    Putting in LBM produced your site with its vast history of complaints about this company.

    I was already registered with TPS and I have now complained to Ofcom. 


  • "R" raised the interesting question.. just why do they call so much?
    We received 3 calls in one day from them and 5 calls so far in the past week they used 0800 0641081

    We have not yet reported these nuisance calls to the police but may do shortly as they are silent and unsolicited and I have no idea why I am receiving them.   They could be checking to see if I am out of the house.  Prevention of crime.

    We connect through O2 and are on the TPS..   we will also be looking at suing O2 under the Data Protection Act as well.


  •  Are you still paranoid if they really are out to get you. "J" writes:
    I too am now being plagued by these people.  But I haven't spoken to them.  Thanks to their number being displayed, and your website, I happily ignore their attempts to contact me.  

    I did this last year with another company operating similar tactics and it seems they eventually gave up on me as a lost cause.  

    Thanks for the site by the way - just hope you're not a spy for LBM!  (Only kidding - what reason should any of us have to be paranoid....!) 


  • "M" is yet another TPS subscriber:
    Thanks for your site and information.  I've started getting calls this month from 0800 0641 699 and finally tried a google to chase - which led me to you.  We subscribe to the TPS and should not be getting these calls, although clearly from some of the other comments this does happen. We get very few cold callers and I always give them short shrift.

    We both work from home and they are becoming a nuisance - it's the time of year when I get new business coming in and new enquiries, and I'm starting to ignore phone calls - so they risk helping me lose business apart from the nuisance factor.  I have not yet tried ringing back as I'm not convinced they would unsubscribe us.  Anyway thanks for filling in a few facts for me!  


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