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July 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: July 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "J" shares her frustrations:
     They are using a new number - 0800 064 1087

    Thank you for your helpful website, their calls are driving me demented.

    The calls were to my orange phone and orange were no help, said they could do nothing. (except for the chap dealing with the call who was shocked himself that Orange could not block these calls.)

    If I called the number back I got a message saying O2 couldn't connect me, so I rang O2, who were really helpful, and gave me the name which fit the number - LBM, and told me about TPS and gave me their own department to write to.

    Thanks to O2 I Googled LBM, which brought me to you.

    So, praise for O2, thumbs down to Orange


  • "A" is frustrated:
     We have been recieving these phone calls for the week, today was the worst we have recieved no fewer than 4 phone calls.. We have used the numbers provided to ask these people to stop sending us phone calls but to no avail.

    It is driving us insane !!!


  • "O" says:
    Just wanted to say thanks for your web pages on LBM.
    I have just moved to a new flat with a new number. Barely 1 day after the line was
    activated I received my very first call on my new number. I wasn't in to take it and as I
    haven't connected the answerphone yet I've been 1471'ing when I get in.
    Lo and behold but 08000 641 699 pops up. A quick google and I'm at your page.
    Personally these calls don't really effect me much more than being an annoyance.
    I never call them back on the basis that if I didn't solicit the initial contact or I don't know
    the company, then they'll call back if it's important.


  • "C" is another one:
     Using "FashionWorld catalogue" which they say my wife asked for, this catalogue has never arrived.

    Had numerous calls in the last week, they refuse to remove me (the phone is in my name) from there call list.

    Refused to give me there contact number.

    In frustration put 08000 6499555 into web search and ended up at your webpage.

    I would like to register a complaint against LBM Direct Marketing Ltd


  • "B" comes up with a new lead:
    I've just started being pestered on my mobile number by LBM, along with another marketing company who, according to a quick google search on the number, are called TFC.

    This started very soon indeed after requesting a motor-insurance quote from www.confused.com - which was the first time I have ever used them. I have never had such marketing calls to my mobile before and it seems more than coincidental to me that not more than a couple of days after putting my moblie (perhaps foolishly in hindsight) into thier website, I am recieving marketing calls. I would guess that this is at the instigation of one of the companies that they "farm" out to for a quote, if not actually themselves.

    After finding your site through the magic that is google, I thought I'd share my suspicions with you in case others have simmilar experiences, or indeed suspicions. 


  • "G" is getting hassled by Vodafone, possibly via LBM:
    Silent caller 08080000144 possibly from LBM Direct Marketing,below this is some of the call information of there calls. I feel like getting my own back on them for wasting my time by sending un-stamped envelopes to them and they would have to pay royal mail`s 1.00 handling fee plus the cost of the un-stamped envelope per item. Now to think if everyone sent over 50 of these.Waste there time.
    13.37 06/07/07
    12.51 16/07/07
    12.17 17/07/07
    14.56 20/07/07
    19.49 23/07/07
    19.51 24/07/07 
  • "S" is annoyed:
    Hello - 5 calls today from this number and hang ups every time I answered - cnuts!

    Can you add this to your LBM list - 08009524854 


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