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July 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: May 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "K" gets targetted by "American Life":
    I keep getting missed calls from 08000649955. The 2 calls I did manage to answer claimed to be American Life. I asked them where they got my number from and they said: I donít know. I asked them not to call again or I would contact the Police. My number is ex-directory. I only started getting these calls and others like it when I got a credit card with Halifax as they seem to have passed my details onto several third parties. 


  • "Q" copies us on a complaint made to LBM that shows how much distress these unsolicited calls can cause:
    To whom it may concern;

    Please do not call the number xxxxx xxxxxx any more.

    You are disturbing a sick person who is trying to convalesce. Today
    she was woken up at least twice by your marketing calls.

    If you call one more time you will have a complaint registered against
    you at the Information Commissioner's office. I understand this may
    not be the first. Please respond within 24 hours to confirm you have
    opted out this number, preferably with an apology.


  • "B" from Sheffield seems to think that all the complaints are funny:
    How sad r u hahahahaha u pathetic people  omg I cant believe you dedicated a whole website to a company who annoy you hahaha how old r u guys at least 35-40 years old hahahaha stupid idiots


  • "P" is on a VOIP (Internet Phone) system which can handily block LBM's numbers before they get through:
    Thanks for your fantastic page on the LBM numbers. I've only been called
    a few times by them, however using a VoIP account I have access to a
    black list of numbers - all of their numbers are now on it :-)

    What would be good is a site that listed ALL of these nuisance marketing
    companies in one place!


  • "P" is another Vodafone customer:
    Hi, recently upgraded my mobile with Vodafone, via the Nokia shop. Requested that no mailing ,email or telephone contact be made and stipulated that my phone number is ex-directory. Got the first ďsilentĒ call this afternoon at around 12:01 from 08080000144, Googled the number as itís not one of my contacts and came up with your page.  I think the two pro LBMírs should open their eyes and see what a nuisance this company is and that OFTEL should put the boot in and stop this harassment. Iíve registered with TPS and will now wait the required 28 days to see if I get any more calls.  Thanks for providing this vital public information service.


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