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July 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: April 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  1. We get a lot of people who work for LBM visiting this site. Perhaps you LBMers would like to consider the plight of "K" who has been harassed by LBM, and then think about whether or not you want to continue working for a firm that makes people so unhappy?
    Since Friday 6th April 2007 i have had no less than 14 calls from LBM and i am registered with TPS .On Sunday i did not get any so thought they had stopped however today Monday 9th April i have recieved them every 2-3 hours it is driving me crazy i have had to turn my phone off so much for it being Easter.I am a widowed Mum to two disabled children and my life is very stressful at the best of times so something like these calls really throws a hammer in the works and makes us all on edge i am firghtened to pick up the phone and see the list of missed calls from this so call reputable company even after phoing their number to opt out i am still recieving them.I wish they would sit back and think what stress they are causing some people before they act in this manner how would the managing director like it if we were to call a member of his family every 2-3 hours to the point they feel like ripping their hair out in frustration. 
  2. A very rare message from "C" in support of LBM:
    I personally believe that LBM is a very good marketing company. they just carry out the calls for other companies who hire them to do so, if LBM did not do it then the company would hire people to do it themselves. LBM is a very successful company and i fully support them with their work, it has created over 2000 jobs for people in the UK and is an evergrowing company. If you do not want to receive calls from marketing companies then there are steps you are able to take to block them from calling you, if you are so sick of receiving calls from LBM then block them and stop complaining. Let LBM get on with its business  and stop anoying them with stupid campaigns.  


  • "Sky" again.. or is it LBM? And yet again another TPS subscriber receiving unwanted calls:
    Received two silent calls on my TPS registered, ex-directory phone line 0161 217 8400.  Googled and found Dynamoo, complained to Ofcom. Then received a call from 0161 603 0000 where a young lady insisted she was phoning from “Sky” to tell me about the broadband I was now entitled to. When I asked her if she was LBM, she said she was but that they were part of Sky.  I said that I didn’t wish to be contacted for marketing and that she wasn’t from Sky. She argued back that I had registered a preference “on line” to have these calls! When I insisted that I had done no such thing, she put the phone down on me.  Who on earth EVER signs up for stuff as a result of these pushy calls? 


  • "E" gets a new mobile phone, and then the calls from LBM start:
    I recently signed up to a new contract with Orange. I've been with Orange before but as I got a much better deal signing up to a new contract (and therefore a new phone number), I went with that option. I got my new contract via the Carphone Warehouse, and within a few days of receiving the new phone, I started to get calls from 08450020012. The first time I got such a call I answered it as I didn't really notice the incoming number; needless to say there was no-one there. I Googled the number and came across your page on LBM.

    Well, I have subsequently received between 3 and 6 calls a day from this number (for over a week now), none of which I have bothered to answer. When the first call came through, no-one (and I mean *no-one*!) other than my girlfriend had my new number - which means that LBM must have got it from either Orange or the Carphone Warehouse. From reading around this subject on the web, it appears that several others who receive these types of call also purchased from the Carphone Warehouse, so I'm going to give them a call and ask them to explain how my number got into the hands of LBM!! I will keep you posted on how I get on...!


  • Another message in support of LBM (which makes two in almost a year):
    I just wana say the reason you get silent calls from LBM is because the dialler system they use has problems ringin and its not LBM doing prank calls. LBM are in partnership with many companies like sky, o2 et.. but that doesnt mean they arent part of the branded companies. LBM are like insurance brokers. ie; when you ring an insurance company for car insurance, sometimes you are dealing with a third party company who is acting on behalf of Norwich Union or Direct Line etc.. to give you better deals.

    So before you judge a company in a petty manner please find out the facts first and the nature of the business before you publicise your comments on the internet because the way you describe LBM is like you dont know what your going off you own assumptions and it sounds like you just have a personal vendetta. Top brand companies like o2, vodafone and sky would not have joined ventures with LBM if it was a 'dodgy' company like you make out to be.

    Hope this answers all your questions about LBM.


  • "M" gets more mystery calls  [note, this is MGT plc, not LBM]: :
    A couple of months back (late 2006) i had a whole lot of calls on both my mobile and my parents landline. But were always from unknown numbers, and always just a dead line. Today we actually got a call from this number, 08000272500 (on the landline), asking for my father. I said he was at work and they said they'll call back later. After hanging up i rang '1471' and googled the number, which brought me here to this site. Thanks for sharing this info with everyone, i can't wait till they talk to my dad after i've told him this!!


  • "K" shares with us a communication from Trafford Trading Standards:
    This authority has been made aware that due to recent technical problems on automated dialler systems at LBM Marketing, consumers may inadvertently receive calls of a silent nature.

    We have been advised that consumers may have given prior consent to be contacted by LBM through its clients which include major telephone providers and broadcasters and that this consent may include a failure to indicate on entering into contracts with such organisations that they do not wish to be contacted by telephone for direct marketing purposes.

    We are informed that an 0845 number has been established which is charged at local call rate, and that consumers who use this number to register their telephone number will not receive any further calls from LBM.  We understand this number to be a non-premium rate number.

    Whilst we would advise consumers to take a pragmatic approach and register using the 0845 number to prevent any further unwanted calls from LBM, we can only suggest that consumers contact the Telephone Preference Service on 020 7291 3320 or OFCOM on 020 7981 3040 for any further information.


  • A more unusual take on LBM from "F", make of it what you will:
    The company are too big to bad mouth now. not even the DMA or Ofcom can touch them. They like the mafia in call centres. Trust me. You shud stop publicising your comments. They are well connected now with large billion dollar companies and theres no way these large business are going to lose their marketers plus LBM provide employment in poor areas. So that means that the government are happy as less people are claiming jobseekers allowance. This is the reason why call centres are untouchable. Trust me.

    Also think of it this way.. would you rather have an idian call centre ringing u up with a foreign accent or some one in uk with a clear british accent to sell you things.. see? it makes sense. Just drop the case now. No matter how many people complain..It aint worth it ok??  You should complain about more worse things like road tax or council tax! thats more of a worhty topic to discuss as the government are just making too much money on us. Where as LBM are trying to save you money so i dont see how that is affecting the british public. People should be happy!! 


  • A follow-up from "E" who contacted us before, who gives some useful advice:
    Further to my email of 13th April, I have an update on my situation with the Carphone Warehouse and LBM. Having started getting calls from 08450020012 and subsequently finding your page on LBM, I contacted the Carphone Warehouse to complain about the fact that my number had been passed on to them without my consent. Below is the first response I received from a member of the Carphone Warehouse customer service team:

    Thank you for your email.
    On looking into the matter for you i can confirm that The Carphone
    Warehouse does not give any kind of customer details to third parties.
    LBM used to be part of The Carphone Warehouse but are no longer
    affiliates of the company, I have taken you of our mailing list which
    LBM also used previously.You will not receive any type of promotional
    calls in the future.I apologise for any inconvenience caused.  

    I trust this is fully resolved for you. If there's anything else we can
    do to help you please reply to this email.

    Now to me, it's just too much of a coincidence that I started to get calls from a company that the Carphone Warehouse apparently *used* to be associated with! It would imply to me that they are still very much associated with them. But I thought I'd see if his promise of no more calls would hold up. Sadly, the day after receiving the above email, I got another call from 08450020012. So, I emailed the Carphone Warehouse again stating that I had received another call and again asking them for an explanation as to how my number managed to get into LBM's hands. I also stated that if the issue was not resolved I would be taking things further with both OFCOM and Trading Standards.

    I received a much quicker response this time from a different member of the customer service team:

    Thank you for your email.
    I will now further investigate this calls for you. I am not able to
    advise at this point, however please reply back to this email in 2-3
    days and I will be able to update you on my investigation.

    If there's anything else we can do to help you please reply to this

    I am now happy to report that I have had no further calls from 08450020012. So if there is anyone out there who purchased a phone from the Carphone Warehouse and are now getting nuisance calls from LBM (or any other marketing company), my advice would be to get in touch with the Carphone Warehouse and complain to them. Demand that they remove your number from any kind of mailing or marketing list and state that you will take things further with OFCOM and Trading Standards if the matter is not speedily resolved.

    I hope this is helpful to anyone else currently suffering at the hands of LBM...!


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