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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: February 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "D" sent us a copy of an exchange between himself and LBM. It appears that LBM confuse the TPS service with FPS (which is the Fax Preference Service).. or at least, they claim to be confused. Cynics might suggest that LBM are fibbing!


  • "B" has also been harassed: Over the last few days I have received nuisance calls non-stop every hour. When I phone the number back I get the answering machine message saying if I donít want them to phone me back to leave my phone number and request them not to. Unfortunately I did this and have just read that I was charged for this on your webpage.


  • "D" has also had a call from the mystery 08000272500 number [note, this is MGT plc, not LBM]:
    Hi, over the last couple of days I've been receiving calls from the number 08000272500. It's been about five times in the last two days, although I've yet to answer. Despite the fact I don't get enough time to answer the phone anyway, I don't make a habit of answering calls from numbers I don't recognise, especially if they look like business ones.

    It is a nuisance though, and I would very much like them to stop. I'm not signed up to TPS, but from what I read it would make little difference. Ta 
  • "R" gets a call from LBM's rival, ICT Europe:
    This is just to let you know that although I have been on the Telephone Preference Service list for years, I received a call at home this afternoon at 14:00 from

    01895 204833

    I let the answering machine take it, as I was doing something else.  The caller did not leave a message, and it was only by keying 1471 into my telephone keypad that I found this to be the number of the caller.  As I didn't recognise the number, I Googled it - and found your web site.

    I am not going to ring them back!


  • "P" writes in with a new number:
    Today I received an unwelcome call that I assume was from LBM using a 'new' number 08000 649955 and masquerading as 'American Life'.
    Returning the call directs you to call 08000 136674 (already listed in your account of their activities) in order to 'cancel' any further marketing calls from them.

    Obviously, I am now waiting to see whether following this instruction achieves the desired outcome. If not, I will let you know.


  • "G" sticks it to LBM with this letter of complaint:
    Dir Sirs,

    Over the last 2 days I have received no less than 12 calls from one of your call centres.  When I answer the line goes dead.  As I am registered with the TPS I do wonder why I am receiving marketing calls at all?  

    Under the Data Protection Act, of which you are no doubt aware, I would like to know what information you hold about myself and my family. I would also like you to delete it.

    I will be informing OfCom about this breach of my privacy, and in the event of you failing to comply with the Data Protection Act, the Information Commissioner.

    If any further calls are received from your company I shall be contacting my solicitor.

    Accordingly, once you have advised me that the information you hold has been deleted there should be no further reason to contact me. 


  1. "J" has a good idea.. land the directors of LBM with ASBOs for their antisocial behaviour:
    Glad I found your site - in the past six weeks, we have had several 'nuisance' calls from 0800 numbers which, thanks to Google, we traced back to LBM.

    Our landline number is registered with the Telephone Preference Service (as lame a duck as there is), OptOut UK, and the silent call blocker number (obviously useless too) yet we continue to be spammed, get silent calls or are pestered by direct selling attempts.

    We should not have to phone back scumbags like LBM to plead for privacy - in fact, the legislation is already there: for 18 months under both European and UK law, it has been ILLEGAL for any company, charity or other commercial organisation or business to send emails to a third party WITHOUT THEIR PRIOR AGREEMENT TO RECEIVE SUCH MESSAGES.

    It is time this was widened to ANY form of electronic marketing.

    We have made numerous complaints to TPS, OfCom and ICom, all of whom have responded that they are unable to take any action against companies such as LBM.

    What's the point of these quangos?

    Perhaps direct action against the companies and their executives through the law, such as ASBO's. 
  2. "S" shows that LBM have no limits when it comes to repeated cold calling:
    Just been reading your very useful website about the plague that is LBM, it started off with 2 or 3 calls a day and then today I've received 10 calls from them in 4 hours!!!!!!! Oops best make that 11. This company really is scum of the earth and if I can do anything to get rid of them so other people dont get pestererd by these annoying calls I'll be using you're site and all the helpful tips on there. Keep up the good work 


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