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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: January 2007

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • After a bit of a break at Christmas, LBM gets back into its old ways. "I" writes:
    Iíve received a call from 08000130051 nearly everyday for the past week. The line appears dead for about 10 seconds then the person at the other end asks to speak to myself. Each time itís for a survey. I no longer answer the callsÖstill very annoying though! Iím fairly sure they have got my number from an online car insurance form, as I rarely ever give out my work number to anyone. 


  • "D" accidentally found a way to get through to a human to lodge a complaint:
    I've just had a call from LBM and thought you might appreciate some useful information about them.

    The call came in on my Skype line, and the call was from 08000130051, and a quick google (whilst the phone was ringing as I always do for unknown non-geographic numbers) brought me to your website.

    When I called this 0800 number back to register my request to have my information marked as "Not for Direct Marketing" under the DPA, I was greeted with the message you have on your website, except I was prompted to call an 01923 number to talk to them. This still doesn't obey the Direct Marketing Code of Practice, however, as I was dialing via Skype, I started typing the number I was told into Skype so that I could then call it.

    The result of this, meant that Skype was actually sending DTMF tones down the phone whilst I was on the line, and the answering phone service aborted it's message saying "Please hold, there has been an error & I'm trasnferrring you to an operator." Great!

    The operator answered, and was a little supprised I'd managed to get through to them, but after mentionning the Data Protection Act, they quickly passed me though to the Data Protection Department. It seemed like they were used to getting calls like this, because they denied knowledge at first, but when pressed for action, I was put straight through to the "correct" department.

    That department however, was simply an answering phone message, asking me to leave a name and number. I have done this, and should I recieve another call from them, I'll be calling them back to ask why they haven't called me back about the Data Protection request. I'll also be sending written confirmation of my request, and allowing the mandatory "reasonable" time of 28 days for them to act, and then should I recieve further calls, I'll take my complaint up directly with the regulatory bodies respectively.

    Hopefully the fact that you can get through to the Data Protection department (or at least an answering phone) by calling a freephone number will help someone on your site in future
  • Another "D" fingers Carphone Warehouse as a possible connection:
     I have just received a missed call from LBM, this afternoon.

    Having recently upgraded my 02 phone via CPW, either they, or 02 are the main suspects for releasing my details.  I have sent CPW the following email via their online form, in the hope that they will do something about it.  If enough people complain to the companies instructing LBM, they may review who they employ.

    Congratulations on a very useful site.

    Sent to CPW via online form 10/01/07

    I have upgraded my phone earlier this month with 02 via CPW.  I have today, had a missed call logged from 08450020012.  On searching the internet, I find that this number belongs to LBM, who are notorious for spam calls to mobile and home numbers, trying to persuade customers to change their contract/switch to another company, in order to save you money.   

    I understand that they profess to act for 02, Vodaphone and CPW amongst others. I strongly object to being contacted by this company, especially as they charge you for the pleasure of returning the call asking them to desist.  I am surprised that 02/CPW use such a company.

    Please note, I do not authorise CPW to release any information to LBM or any external company, under the Data Protection Act.


  • "C" shows their irritation at being called on a phone that they use for family and friends:
    i recieved a call today from the number 08000510660 which i ignored as i thought it was strange an 0800 number would be calling me in the first place so i phoned it from my works phone where i was given the message to call them back, which i also ignored but thanks to your website iv found out what a bunch of scammers they are like many others i do not give my number out only to family and friends as it is a mobile and im discusted companys get away with doing this. 


  • "P" has some useful general information about protecting your personal information online:
    Great job you're doing with these organisations who clearly push their practices to the maximum legal limits, or at least completely ignore consumer opinion and the "spirit" of the law.

    One thing to advise your visitors, many of whom state that they have registered with the TPS.  When surfing, registering on websites, remember to actually READ the terms and conditions...if you dont tick the opt-out boxes, most Ts & Cs contain the words "YES..I agree to being contacted by carefully selected suppliers of additional services that may be of interest to me"  etc.  Failure to tick the box means that your personal data can be sold, or licenced (to call centers such as LBM who the big consumer corporates pay to do it on their behalf) and gives them the right to call or mail you, whether youre registered on TPS or not.  You will find these words on hardcopy application forms as well and you most likely have agreed to being spammed by these "carefully selected" (meaning lets make some more profit by selling our contact list) suppliers if you failed to tick the box.  Major consumer led organisations such as banks, telco's, insurance, media, gadgets, white goods etc, etc, buy the right to use each other's mailing lists.  So, for example, if you didnt tick the box on the innocent looking travel survey you completed for your airline on your last holiday flight...or the opt out box on that storecard application and petrol discount card etc....expect some more silent calls.  Be protective of your personal information...just because the form asks for it, and for the right to use it...you dont have to say yes to get the services you want to buy.


  • "K" has also experienced premium rate scam calls in addition to LBM's marketing calls, and it has made him suspicious of this time of unsolicited phone call: I have repeatedly been called by the number 08000136671 during today, I have been a victim of this type of call which proved costly as in that instance the number which called resembled a mobile number but was in fact a premium rate one. I was re-embursed for that call by T-Mobile as I had discovered that they were aware that the company in question were operating this scam months previous to my call and would be sharing a percentage of the profit made from that and all such calls.


  • Another "K" demonstrates that it isn't just LBM doing this, in this case the perpetrator is ICT Group (www.ictgroup.com) who have similar business practices:
    Have been constantly phoned over the last 2 weeks, 4 Ė 6 times per day even up to 8pm at night, they seem to know when I am on the phone as they phone immediately I go on the phone.  I have caller ID so therefore if I do not recognise the caller then I do not pick up the phone.

    I am a business and have an answer phone and do not call anyone back who does not leave a message.  Today I have phoned BT to find out who the number is registered to and they would not give me any information other than that it was a registered business.  

    I since have been on-line to notice that someone else has been receiving these calls from this particular number.  I am fed up with the constant calls and will now eject the number from my phone.  I would be interested to see if anyone else is being pestered by this number.

    The number is 01895 204833.


  • "D" has been pestered by LBM and asks: They keep calling me at least twice a day from 08000 640060. What can I do to stop this ? We recommend calling the 0161 616 0776 number to unsubscribe.
  • "J" is another person making the Vodafone connection.. and someone who has found out that TPS subscriptions appear to be ignored:
    I have recently got an upgrade with Vodaphone, and since then have had at least one and up to 3 or 4 calls most days from 08000640060.  Often I am not able to answer, as I am at work, but the few times I have answered there is no-one there.  I rang the number on one occasion and started to get a recorded message allegedly from Vodaphone, which I had no desire to listen to so rang off. 
    Apart from the obvious nucience problems, I have also found that the fone ringing several times a day has on occasion (when I have had a less than full battery to start with) caused my battery to run out, with the effect that I have had to make the 25mile journey home with no means of contacting anyone if I broke down.  Whilst I realize I could get an In-car charger, that is not the point; I shouldnd need to just becuase I am being pestered by some sales company. 

    I regestered with TPS hoping this sort of thing wouldnt happen - but that seems to have been a forlorn hope.


  • "A" shows that LBM don't always bother with unsubscribe requests, this time masquerading as the Carphone Warehouse:
    I have started receiving calls from a new number: 08000641699. The line goes dead when you pick up, and when you phone back they pretend to be Carphone Warehouse and they pretend to apologise. They offer a number for unsubscribing: 08000136672, which I called and was told that my number was now removed from their database. I was hopeful, although sceptical. The very next morning they called me again, proving what a bunch of lying c**** they are.


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