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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: December 2006

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • "K" gives an example of another marketing ploy by LBM:  LBM also use a company called American Life Insurance. But when they call they say they are calling on behalf of your catalogue, jd williams or one of them. Then say they are calling from American Life, to sell you female cancer insurance


  • "U" is feeling fed up with LBM's calls: Hi. It is the 7th of December and I have been hassled by these calls, the number is 08450020012. They have tried calling three times on this day already.


  • "A" shares her experiences with LBM's nuisance calls:
    I wanted to let you know, having now found your site, that I have been receiving calls from LBM for about a month.  These calls occur often twice a day during the week and at weekends.  I was at first reluctant to call the 08000 number back but eventually called it from a business line and was referred to an 0845 no to unsubscribe to the calls.  However, the calls have continued but this time from a no that differs only by the last digit.  I have emailed Ofcom and hope that they tie my complaint in with all the other complaints as I know that they don't deal with complaints on an individual basis.  The calls came from the following numbers:

    0800 0641081
    then 0800 0641086

    It has become quite upsetting.  I am on the TPS service and called BT Customer Services to find out what I could do, they gave me another number to call for nuisance calls and unwanted dialler calls, which I rang, again this was an 0845 number so I am paying for the priviledge of trying to block the LBM calls.  You then automatically register your number for this service which is free but told that there is no guarantee that it will block all calls, suggesting a further number to call if you want to block all calls.  This is a third party who provide you with a box to plug into your phoneline allowing only the calls you want to come through, however you pay £49.99 for the device.  I haven't followed this route but have today contacted LBM on the 0161 number you quote on your site to complain and ask to be removed from their database.  I'm told it takes 24hrs, so watch this space....


  • "S" has does some reading on Ofcom regulations, and it seems that these rules are being flouted:
    I am a reg. disabled person and I recently purchased a new mobile from Voda. the last few days each day I get at least one call from 08000640060.

    At first you think must have been a wrong number as when you answer the call you get time to say hello then it appears to be put down on the other end a second or so later. . After a couple of days it becomes most disconcerting, feelings range from is someone checking on me, to getting angry and wanting to know who the heck is this.

    After receiving today’s call I phoned the number to be told this is a courtesy call from Vodaphone. Being in front of my laptop at the time this all went on I wondered if I could find out who this is. After some investigation into the number and registering my number mobile number with TPS I believe this number belongs to LBM. I would like to be absolutely sure that it is them before I go any further though. Also after reading the ofcom guidelines 1 March 2006, stating that any abandoned calls ( which I now gather is what these calls are ) should be accompanied by a recorded information message explaining why the call has occurred and preventing silence on the line. It is obvious that this guideline is not being adhered to on this number.

    Companies like this need to have licences / services revoked. Also in my opinion companies such as Voda are just as guilty for using them and giving them my number and details.


  • "E" suffers nuisance calls after buying a Vodafone handset:
    I got a new mobile phone and new number less than 2 weeks ago.  I never give my mobile number to anyone other than friends, I never put it on forms etc.  In the last 24 hours I have had 5 calls from 08000640060


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