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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: November 2006

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  • The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Ofcom are planning to fine some offenders, including Carphone Warehouse (and LBM customer). Fines can be up to £50,000.. which might give the likes of LBM something to think about.


  • "J" is an MD of a UK firm and says: I have received more than 6 calls during the last week – only calling once, and then stooping. I have now tried to follow their advice to opt out. The voice told me that I am charged “standard rates” – the calls have been a pain in the a… and I am happy to read about them. Such a company should be black listed and banned!


  • LBM aren't the only annoying marketing firm around - "B" has received similar calls from "New Logic Communications": I just wanted to let everyone know that I have received a spam call today on my mobile.  The number that rang me was 08450020012 [..].  I’m glad I found this website, and I will not be answering calls from numbers I don’t recognise in the future, just in case!


  • "P" suddenly found himself getting spam calls from both LBM and another company at the same time, and questions where the data comes from:
    I started receiving 0800 0641081 calls a few days ago - exactly as you described.

    I thought you'd like to know that at preciselky the same time I also started receiving 'missed calls' from 01895 204833 - so that could well be another number they are using - for you to add to your site.

    When phoning back that one gives a recorded message from 'ICT Europe' saying they are a CRM management company providing 'masking services' to 'many Fortune 500 companies in the banking and insurance industry'...

    A curious thing was that the call I made to them wouldn't stop when I cut it off on my phone for about another 40 seconds...

    Now it might be that my number made it onto some list that LBM and ICT both use, but in either case I thought you might be interested...


  • An anonymous correspondent writes:
    Thank you!

    God bless Google
    Gob bless Dynamoo.

    OK, I only had one call from them but it sounded odd (dead) so I googled them and found you.

    I called their (now free) de-reg number 0800 013 6675 and had my number removed...

    Watch this space.

    If they keep pestering people I'm happy to go up there and burn a few of their directors' lawns.

    It's the only language they understand.

    ps this email is written in green ink and the warders have promised to post it for me at the post office outside Broadmoor.

  • "S" demonstrates that the quality of data LBM are using is very poor indeed: I've been having phone calls non-stop for the past few days from 08450020012. As a rule i ignore numbers i dont know, so i didnt answer. but after having the same number call about five times a day for a week i fianlly decided to answer the phone to see why this number was calling.

    I was surprised that the man calling was asking to speak to my sister, who shares the same initials as me. i told him he had the wrong number and asked what he wanted to speak to my sister about. he replied that it was in regards to the o2 account of the phone i was using. i was a bit confused as the phone and all details about the phone were registered to me and had no details about my sister whatsoever. i told him that it was my phone and again he must have the wrong number, he confirmed that his details were for my phone number but to my sisters name. i told him this couldnt be the case, and that i would be phoning customer services to confirm that my details are correct. he then hung up.

    I called o2 and they told me that all my details were all in my name and that they had no information regarding my sister on the account.

    I found this website when i googled the number. i cant believe there are so many people here being harrassed by these people!!!  


Update 16/11/06

  • "E" has been harassed on her mobile repeatedly:I
  • Another "E" gets charged to opt out of LBM's spam calls: I have had several calls from the LBM number and I have been ignoring them, however they became rather irritating so I rang them and have gone through the process of stopping them on their instructions.  I now learn that I have been charged for this call even though I was told it would be on ‘Free phone’. Can you tell me how much I have been charged for this call and how they can get away with this?
  • "C" is another TPS subscriber, and he explains how LBM make deceptive calls: I have been getting calls for months, but through your website have only just found it is LBM

    Every night when I come home from work, there is always a missed call on my home phone from the 0800 064 1081number. This has been going on for about 3 months. I am registered with the TPS.

    One night I was in when the phone rang, and they were pretending to be from "The Monetary Watchdog" investigating possible mortgage mis selling.  They asked a few vague questions about my type of mortgage, didn't ask who the mortgage was with!

    I am getting fed up with all these missed calls.


  • "D" got hit by roaming charges on his mobile.. thanks to spam calls from LBM: I recently spent a period of almost three weeks travelling in Europe, as is my habit my mobile was on all the time. During this period I was receiving two or three calls a day from LBM (0161-603-2400). The first time a missed call came up I called the number back (I have many friends in the Manchester area and can't always remember their numbers!) and got the message listed on your website.

    As I was outside the UK any calls I answer have a cost to me (I have an Orange phone), so I spent almost three weeks cancelling calls from this company.

    When I returned to the UK I received one further call, which I answered to be greeted by silence and then a disconnection. Strangely I have not received a call from LBM since.

    My mobile is registered with TPS, so LBM should not contact me in any circumstances.


  • "J" writes:
    Hi - thankyou for your very informative website - I have to say it has been really useful to me.

    Over the last week I have been receiving calls from the number 0800 0136675 on my home phone, when I called the number back I found out it was LBM and opted out of receiving their calls. I must say I was surprised to find them calling me when I am ex directory and I make a point of asking companies I have dealings with not to use my info for marketing.

    I had no idea who LBM were and considering they hang up everytime they call I had no idea what they could be calling about. So I googled the name and found this website. I still dont know what they are calling about. Usually I am at work all day so I just thought I was missing their calls. However they called yesterday (Sunday) and hung up so that was the first time I realised they were dodgy. Today I am off work sick and have been woken twice by the phone ringing and then going dead - this has infuriated me and I emailed their address to complain - who knows what the response will be ! I am going to contact watch dog as well as I just think its harassment for them to keep calling like this.

    I'll keep you posted on the results of my complaint - I'm not holding my breath!


  • "H" is another person who has received an unsolicited commercial email message from LBM:
    From: LBM [mailto:lbm@mail.e-msg.co.uk]
    Sent: [redacted]
    To: [redacted]
    Subject: LBM E-Mail Notification

    LBM work with market leading companies to deliver business-to-business information on products and services relevant to you and your business. We would like to take the opportunity to deliver relevant information to you by email.

    Each month we email more than 150,000 key decision makers with carefully targeted, and often unique to email, offers that we believe are relevant to them and their business. Our feedback is that the service we offer is of great value to the businesses that receive these offers and that our receiving population finds it useful to have relevant offers sent directly to them in an easily actionable format.

    Our process is to identify companies to whom the information we provide, offers in IT, fleet, energy, travel and telecoms, is likely to be relevant and then to phone each organisation and identify the contacts who would be most appropriate to receive this information.

    So to update your details to ensure you only receive offers relevant to you click on the "My Profile" link below.

    Click here to change profile
    About LBM
    Data Protection Privacy Statement
    LBM are members of the Direct Marketing Association.
    LBM are keen to adhere to the Data Protection Act 1999.
    Note that LBM say they are "keen to adhere to the Data Protection Act".. what kind of statement is THAT?


  • "P" was concerned enough to contact Vodafone and ask for clarification:
    I too have been bombarded by marketing calls from the 0800 064 0060 number, and also tracked this back to LBM (thanks mainly to this website)

    They were fully aware of my Vodafone contract details, and as the 18 month contract is nearing its end, were offering me a very much better upgrade to my handset but with no change to the contract. I was very suspicious of this so e-mailed Vodafone’s Data Protection office. I asked them to confirm that LBM were working for them, and also suggested that Vodafone put a message on their website to reassure customers. Here’s Vodafone’s reply, from their Data Protection Manager:
    Dear Mr X

    Thank you for your email below.  I can confirm that LBM are an outsourced call centre for Vodafone Limited.  I appreciate that in these times of cold calling and unsolicited marketing messages, customers are cautious about the contacts receive.  

    Thank you also for your suggestion regarding providing an explanation about this on our website.  I will liaise with my colleague who manages our relationship with LBM to determine the best way of providing that information ie where the explanation should be provided - this might be in our privacy statment, but we might also want to consider putting the same information in other places on the website where customers can find it.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback and I am sorry if you have been inconvenienced.  If you would like, I can change your marketing preferences to opt out so that you dont receive further calls?

    So, it seems that we don’t need to be suspicious... LBM really are calling on behalf of Vodafone, really are offering ‘too good to be true’ deals, but also, yes, they are persistent and rather annoying on the phone.


  • "E" took action after a series of calls and wrote to the Direct Marketing Association (LBM's trade association) to complain:
    I have been called three times so far today by LBM Direct Marketing Ltd - number 08000 510660. Upon answering, the line goes dead. Twice today I have called the number and opted out of these calls. I have since received the third call.

    I found their website and the customer service number. You are unable to talk to someone when calling that number so I called the sales line and was put through to the call centre customer service department who said they will log my complaint with their account department.

    I asked who they were marketing on behalf of and they simply said they were a large company with many clients. They refused to give me a client list or the names of any of their clients. Had they done so, I would have contacted these companies and also made them aware of the shoddy marketing practices of LBM, a company they are paying to market on their behalf.

    I was asked whether I was a member of the Telephone Preference Service. I asked why I should be a member when I have opted out of receiving any further calls from LBM via their own service? They are missing the point entirely and I so I am writing to make you aware of these unwanted, nuisance calls and their unprofessional attitude. I have searched on the internet for this company and found many, many instances of people who have the same problem with this company.

    LBM finally acted, but only after the Direct Marketing Association had passed on the complaint:

    Despite the promise of a call back from LBM, they didn't contact me willingly until The DMA passed on my complaint which prompted them to phone me. I then received a phone call from the Head of Compliance at LBM,  Khurram Akram who also gave me his mobile number. He promised to investigate why I was contacted repeatedly, despite the number being registered with the Telephone Preference Service, and e-mail me with this findings. I am still awaiting this e-mail (I resist the temptation to repeatedly phone his mobile number and hang up each time he answers). 


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