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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: September 2006

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  1. "D" is very annoyed: Yes I have been getting calls for the last few weeks now, looked it up on the web and found your site, I have registered with TPS now and I hope this will stop the calls, nice to know that your are not alone ,but surely the Government can do something to stop these people from cold calling.
  2. "B" is glad to see that she's not alone: Thanks for the info on the internet. I have just had a call from 0800 0510660 and when I said 'No - we don't buy on the phone can you take us off your database please?' I received the answer aid 'What are you talking about?' I'm relieved to see other people are annoyed by this intrusion.
  3. "H" is another person who has to pay to receive spam calls from LBM: I have started receiving these Ďhang upí calls (From 0800 0136662) and dialled them back to get the same message that you have recorded on the website and found your information as a result of a search for LBM.  I work from home, but my problem is that they are calling me on my work number which is itself an 0845 number Ė so Iím paying each time they ring me!  You should be aware that contrary to your note on the website, if companies have 0845 numbers, they donít make any money on this Ė they pay the difference between the local call cost (as paid by the dialler) and the actual cost.  The company also pays a monthly rental fee for the 0845 number.  It is only those who use 0870 (national rate calls) that are likely to make a profit.


  1. "D" is yet another TPS subscriber who has received the calls: I started getting calls on 0800 0641081 on the 25th, and have had five in total.  They never leave a message on the answering machine, and the one time I picked up manually (I was off ill at the time), on Tuesday, they hung up immediately. I've been registered with TPS for a long time now.


  1. "G" is not the first person to say that they appear to have lost credits on their pay-as-you-go phone after receiving calls from LBM:  My wife has received a number of call from the 08000641081 on her Pay As You Go phone. We can't prove it but it looks as if receiving these calls costs 10p a time. Can money be taken in this way? The information on your web site was very helpful. Hopefully now, after your advice, we will be able to stop these.


  1. "M" is certainly annoyed: Add 0161 603 0000 to your list of LBM numbers - rang me 3x times in Spain last week on my mobile -  with the silent cut off when answered. I live very very near to these pricks & could well pay them a visit if they persist.  I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate a 17 stone, 6 ft. irate biker with attitude visiting them.
  2. "J" shows how LBM's nuisance calls can cost the person receiving them money in a copy of a message sent to LBM:
    STOP making calls to my mobile Ė 07*** ******

    I am abroad with this mobile and am receiving two calls per day from your company and I am charged for the international call every time I receive one.

    I think it is despicable that people like you should cause nuisance by making unsolicited phone calls and then expect me to pay for the privilege of having to call you back to cancel.

    01616 082800    20:35hrs            11/09/2006
    01616 082800    13:09hrs            11/09/2006
    01616 623000    17:56hrs            10/09/2006
    01616 623000    16:15hrs            09/09/2006
    01616 623000    20:35hrs            08/09/2006
    01616 082800    17:17hrs            07/09/2006
    01616 082800    16:28hrs            02/09/2006
    01616 082800    20:35hrs            01/09/2006

    I am reporting these calls to OFCOM as I understand your actions may be illegal
  3. "P"'s frustration is obvious: I am utterly sick to the back teeth with receiving silent calls from this amateur bunch of clowns. The number 08000 641081 is becoming the biggest single caller to our number. Nobody has ever spoken when I lift the receiver, it just goes dead. It's time that the relevant authorities put a stop to this nonsense, and cancelled this number altogether. Just how long does this nuisance conduct have to carry on, before somebody acts to put a stop to it once and for all.


  • "L" spots the new number too: Regarding the spoof calls from LBM, called back the number which Iíd had several missed calls from to get to the bottom of who had been calling me. Decided to ring the 0845 number to get rid of them, at the time didnít know it was a scam tho! Today (four days later) LBM have started again on me from a new different number!!! Its not on your website either so thought id let you know so everyone else can avoid them its 01616030000.
  • "G" has a plan for revenge: I am receiving calls from this number. So far I havenít been in to pick them up. Iíll wind them up when I finally do. I have had a thought. With 0800 numbers, the person who owns the number, in this case LBM pays for the call charges. Why donít we all embark on the same dialing techniques they use and keep dialing the 0800 064 1081 number and just keep racking up their telephone bill. Or has anybody got an auto-dialler?
  • "T" says: I received a call this afternoon from 08000510660 on my mobile phone and cancelled call when there was no one there to speak. I then looked on google for lbm and was glad to find your information. well done! and should I receive any more I will keep you posted.I suscribe to the orange network and have never been with any other network at all.


  • "G" echoes some other people's opinions about privacy of the directors, however publishing home phone numbers would probably just lead to innocent parties (wives and children) getting unwanted calls.  I got two calls from their 08000641081 number and then I googled this number and was most greatful for the information on your site and another policespecials.com. With all your information its a shame you haven't got all the directors private phone numbers (mobile and Home) so the public can turn the tables on them. As advised I have now registered my mobile phone with TPS. The free service that should stop marketing calls. The Historical Electoral Roll lists the directors at the addresses you have advised and yes they are Ex-Directory as you said. Perhaps they do not want to accept Marketing Calls!!!


  • "S" shares her unhappy experiences and describes how it has changed they way she uses her phone: I just received my first load of calls from LBM today and like most people, the line went dead on answering everytime. I called the number, which was 08000 510 660 from my works phone to get the LBM message. I did call the 0845 number and selected the option not to be contacted again but since finding your site on the net tonight, I have also e-mailed LBM. Also, I am so pleased I found this site as I would not have believed so many numbers could be from the same company and from now on, I will not be answering any calls on my mobile other than from the numbers already saved in my phone-book.


  • "D" gets up to mischief: LOL This is an 0800 number for their "recruiting". I've been calling it and jamming it up all day! Loadsa fun!!!!!! 0800 479 6444


  • "V" spots the connection between LBM and Lancashire Cricket Club: I have just received one of these despicable phone calls from LBM. I found your details on them most useful. Did you know this despicable firm actually sponsor Lancashire Cricket ??
  • "L" is someone who has worked in the telemarketing business and is shocked by LBM's actions: I too have been plagued by LBM on my mobile and home phoneÖ up to 5 calls a day!!  After finding your site I called them on the 0161 number and asked to be removed from there database and not just to call back on another 0800 number that was last Wednesday. I was told it would be 24 hours before they would stop.  All quiet until yesterday (Monday) and we are back to square one with calls coming on my mobile again. So I rang them again today and threw the book at them. I told them I had reported them to trading standards, Ofcom etc and was on the TPS she said she would make sure that I definitely wasnít on the database and did not know how this had happened. Mysteriously I have received a call from ďVodafoneĒ I am not with them on 0800 0640060 they hung up and when you call back it gives you 0845 234 0096 to ring is this yet another scam!!?? If they do not stop I am going to start calling the directors at work all day complaining and making nuisance calls. I have been a telemarketing manager and am horrified at the way this company works. The government should fine them heavily.


  • "G" is another TPS subscriber who shares his experiences: I too have received calls from LBM.  I also made the mistake of calling the 0845 number to remove mine from the list. This does not work, as they still call me.  I have spoken to TPS & BT. They say that they are getting loads of complaints about this. TPS told me that they cant do anything about marketing callers. So far, they have called me 10 times in the past 3 days. Every time i pick up the phone, it goes dead. The number that keeps calling me is 0800 0136 662. I have now turned off my phone, and just use my VOIP number , Dont get spam calls on there
  • "S" is brief and to the point: I received 2 calls on my mobile from 0800 0136662 today (25/9/2006), both times it rang off when I answered the call.


  • "M" takes some action against LBM: I just wanted to say a big thank you for the website you have set up regarding LBM.  It made it so easy to complain to Ofcom, Trading Standards, DMA and LBM.  I have since registered with TPS as well.
  • "J" is relieved to discover the mystery behind all the calls he has been getting (actually from Datalocator / Consumer Lifestyles, website at dlg.co.uk or perhaps Autobytel, NOT LBM):

    At last my mind has been rested!

    We have been having telephone calls every day, at least two or three times a day from the same number..08007831574 for weeks now. Our answer machine picks up the call and you can hear that the line is silent.

    I had a feeling they were nuisance calls but as it was a freephone number, I wasnt quite sure. After calling the number I heard a beep and then a voice message saying.."Your following message has been sent" Odd! Have I been charged I wondered!?

    Anyway, I just decided to google the tel no. and then in front of me appeared your site telling me all about LBM and nuisance calls. Many thanks for your help. I have taken the action of emailing LBM to stop them from making any more calls to my home number and bothering me whilst I try to work. Grrrr!


  • "L" is feeling harassed, but then it appears that LBM are getting a hard time from their victims too:
    Thanks for the website!

    After over a week of receiving 2 to 3 calls per day from the number 08000641081, only to have it hang up every time, I had finally had enough of rushing from whatever I was doing to my phone for no reason.

    Fortunately I googled the number and your site came up. The advice was great, I called the customer service number, something which I consider inappropriately named, and was on hold for over 15 minutes before giving up. I persevered and tried several more times, eventually getting through to a person. She told me she could remove me from the database and explained that they have a machine which rings the number automatically and if it connects when there is no operative free to try and sell you something, it hangs up. When I complained about this as a method for making sales calls (and I work in sales myself) she told me there was no point complaining to her. I pointed out they were the complaints department but it fell on deaf ears. I asked how she felt about the ethics of the company she worked for harassing people and she got quite angry and told me she happened to like her job and didnít care if I thought I had a better job than her.  I got the impression their day was spent answering similar calls from people as irritated as I was.

    Thanks again, to anyone reading this, get your name off the database, itís worth waiting on hold to do it.

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