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April 2007

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LBM Direct Marketing Complaints and Correspondence: August 2006

This page represent some of the emails we've received about LBM Direct Marketing, almost all of which are complaints. You can read the full story here.

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  1. "C" wrote: Just had my first call from LBM... I said I was at work and didn't wish to take her call, and to her credit she was polite but as she was saying goodbye... I had already hung up. I am getting to the stage now, whether on my landline or mobile, I don't answer the phone when it rings. So these shallow specimens of products from an agar dish are actually affecting my family and friends.

    Goodness knows how I will feel if I actually do get an urgent/emergency call from a loved one, and miss it, due to being fed up with being harassed in my home/work through my telephone...


  1. "P" reported: I have just started getting calls from the 08000 641 081 number. The nuisance calls coincide with me buying a new phone on the 02 network 3 weeks ago. I bought the phone from e2save.com who i believe are somthing to do with The Carphone Warehouse.
  2. "K" pointed out: On their website LBM boast they work for the Daily Telegraph. Corrct me if I am wrong but aren't the DT champions of exposés of Rogue Traders. Has anyone contacted them for their reaction?


  1. "T" gets called by "O2": Received a number of missed calls. Finally managed to grab the fone and the chap said he was Chris from O2. Wanted to run through my details. I said that your not actually O2 to which he said yes I am. I mentioned that I found information on the internet suggesting otherwise to which he got angry and said "your clever and 1 step ahead of the game". Then he just hung up. LBM seem such pleasant people.
  2. "L" persuades LBM to stop calling.. only for others to try instead: I was being bothered by LBM Direct Marketing continuously over a 2 wk period then I followed advice on your site. I mailed them and told them to take me off their list etc etc.  Now since then I've been getting calls from different numbers: 08007831574. I don't answer but out of curiosity as its free phone, I ring back and my call goes straight away to the only option which is to leave a voice message, which I don't.  The other number is 08000130051. [Note: this last number belongs to a market research company called "Consumer Lifestyles", 08007831574 seems to be Autobytel.. not LBM.]


  1. "N"'s story echoes that of many others: I've been rung so far 3 times from 08000136662 and once from 08000510660, with 2 calls being on the same day. I haven't answered in time yet which is usual for me (the phones always on silent at work). I googled the number to see who I kept missing. Thank you for this site. I now know what to expect and will be following your advice on complaining.


  1. "J" vents her feelings: Nice to see the internet works :) spent a while trying to find the source of these calls from 08000136662. been phoned a couple of times and havent phoned back with all the scams going around, glad I didn't. They phone me when I'm at work and then I get rapped by the boss for using my phone. We need to put an end to these as*holes for good. thanks for the help i am now going to blast off at them.


  1. "Miss H" has a background in this industry and shares her point of view: I have been pestered regularly over the past week by calls from this number.. 08000136662 on my mobile. And as all other posts have described, the line is closed as soon as I answer the call. This spate of calls is definitely outside of the legal allowance set by OFCOM. I have registered a complaint with OFCOM on this matter and also have e-mailed the LBM address (I do not wish to pay in order to cancel marketing calls I never requested in the first place!) My landline is already registered with TPS and I have NEVER had 0800 numbers call my mobile in the past at all and have never given my number out on the internet to any marketing sources either. However, I have now also registered my mobile with TPS.
  2. "J" tells us that LBM has a new client: This lot are now using Endowment Compensation or ECA from 0800 641 081 and 0161 217 8400. I have reported them to Ofcom and gave your page a mention. Thanks for the information.


  1. "C" shares his experience of these nuisance calls: For the last year I've been receiving phone calls from the infamous LBM.  Albeit, I only started checking online recently to see who these calls were coming from.  Because I have caller ID I've just been ignoring any number I don't know but this is now becoming a joke.  They call me several times a day, morning, noon and night up to 8pm.
  2. "K" shares her frustration: I have had several calls from the "08000 641081" number and would like some help in stopping this number from calling as it is a nuisance when i am at work and my phone keeps going off.


  1. "L"'s experiences echo those of many others: Its very very annoying to be honest. They keep ringing nearly every 2 hours and i'm getting sick of it!
  2. In response to a Manchester Evening News Article, David Hickson comments: Great for jobs. Unfortunately I have had to report both Sky and LBM to Ofcom as being amongst the many companies responsible for the Silent Calls that we receive at home. Silent Calls occur when more automatically dialled calls are answered than there are agents available to handle them. I hope that sufficient people will be employed to fulfil this contract so that no Silent Calls are made. I also hope that Ofcom will shortly take action to require LBM to cease its practice of hanging up in silence when it wrongly believes that a call has been answered by a machine.


  1. "J" also says that she's TPS registered, but gets LBM calls in any case: I have just read your article about LBM whilst looking up one of their telephone numbers; and yes, I have been pestered many times in one day, every day, for the past 9 months or so despite registering with TPS. As I work nights this is really, very, very infuriating. One of the numbers is 08000 641 081 but there are others.
  2. "N" was concerned about banking security: Today I received a call from someone who said she was doing a survey on behalf of LloydsTSB.  She knew my name - not surprising, as I do have an account with LloydsTSB.  I agreed to do the survey.  She started by asking for my postcode and date of birth, "for security purposes".  I refused to tell her, and pointed out that I had no evidence that she was really from LloydsTSB.  She put the phone down.

    I dialled 1471, and was surprised to find that the number was not withheld, it was 08000641081.  I reported the incident to the real LLoydsTSB, who sounded genuinely interested, and promised to investigate.

    Note that Lloyds TSB do actually appear to be a client of LBM, but isn't this the sort of thing they warn you about?
  3. "S" gets charged for receiving these calls (presumably roaming charges):  I have been called by this number  08000510660  three times altogether now in the past couple of weeks. The first time i answered and was cut off i was charged  £1 the second time i inadvertantly answered and again was charged  £1, the third time recieved today but the call went to voice mail, not sure if i was charged this time. All the calls have been to my pays a you go mobile phone.


  1. "M" suggests: I have been receiving these phone calls for quite a while but never answered, and thanks to your website I now know who they are from and that I have not missed anything. Whilst reading all these articles I have had a thought,,,, Does it not cost LBM money when people phone the 0800 numbers back? Maybe encouraging people to phone the 0800 numbers from a pay phone would cost LBM so much money that they would change their ways.


  1. "C" is another person who has suffered from the "silent call with laughter":  
    Hi, thought I'd email you just to let you know that I, too, have received an annoying "Silent Call" from your good friends LBM Direct. You could call it an "Abandoned Call" call actually, as I will detail.

    I recieved the phone call on my landline phone (on August 18th), I picked up the reciever, said hello three times, and after the third time I heard a girl's voice laugh and hang up. I called 1471, and the number of the caller was:


    I thought this was odd as it was an 08000 number, so rather than call them back, I looked it up on the internet. This is how I found your site (by typing their number into Google) - and, boy, am I glad I did. Turns out, as you will know, many people have recieved such calls from this and other numbers, but I was amazed at how often people get the sound of someone laughing and hanging up. That's not only a scam (to get you to call back), it's harrassment if you ask me. Thankfully, I didn't call the number back

    Honestly, I'm fuming. I'm currently logging my complaint with Offcom, and if I hear from them again, I shall be emailing  enquiries@lbm.co.uk  and contacting TPS. Mainly it angers me as these people aren't just scamming you, they are taking great delight in the fact that you are standing there saying "hello" multiple times. It's cruel.

    I would really like to thank you for the information provided on your site, and for keeping it updated with other people's stories and with ways to combat it. It's a real comfort knowing I'm not the only one who has been bothered by these people.
  2. "N" had a rather sinister experience with someone claiming to be from O2, but actually working from an LBM call centre:
    I can now include myself in your merry band of phantom call receivers.

    Having been home sick today I have received 7 calls today, 6 from the silent and deadly phantom (0800 0130051) and 1 from a lady claiming to be calling from O2. (LBM in sheep's clothing)

    I'm sorry but if someone is claiming to be from the company that you only just recently cancelled a contract with, you expect them to already have your details on file.

    Name:  Correct
    Tel:  Correct (Land line only) No clue on old mobile cancelled 2 days ago
    Address:  No clue
    Previous Contract details:  No clue
    My O2 customer No. :   No clue (but asked me, I stated that if she was from O2, she would have that)
    Password:  Asked for it, informed her that O2 state on their website that they would never ask for that


  1. "R" voices her frustration: Ever since I got my new mobile, I keep getting spam calls from a 020 number on your list saying 'Hello, can Mr. smith please check in and collect your contacts' it was a womans voice. At first I thought it was a wrong number, but they left me 10 voicemails a day and they only rang for 2 beeps. It had to be a computer, nobody could speak that fast.

    Also, our house phone keeps getting calls from a 08000 number from your list. Our family are at the end of our tether. They ring 3 times in 2 hours and when I do answer, it goes dead. Once a man answered saying he works for NTL, which I know he didn't because whenever NTL contact us they are friendly and call us by our family name. This man seemed lousy and annoyed, and offered an upgrade.. but this upgrade didn't not exist because we called NTL


  1. "J" is another TPS registered recipient of LBM's calls: I have received a number of silent calls from LBM on their 08000641081 number and to-day received a call from Danielle at Sky on their 01612178400 number.  I told her she was ringing from LBM and she asked what that firm did and who they were and again said she was from Sky.  At this point I put the phone down and have sent a complaint to the Information Commissioners as I have been registered with the TPS for quite a few years.  Thanks very much for your extremely helpful website.  


  1. "S" gets his revenge: Thanks for your website. I've been getting silent calls from LBM several times a day for the last fortnight, on the home landline. I find that it's theraputic to sit and repeatedly dial the 0800 number back if you have a bit of time on your hands.


  1. "L" says: I have been receiving telephone calls from 08000641081 for the past couple of weeks. Everytime I answer ( or my daughter answers ) there is no-one there and after a few seconds the line goes dead. This happens several times a day and I have never actually spoken to anyone. My daughter get quite concerned everytime it happens when she answers.
  2. "D" has taken action against LBM: I’m receiving calls on the following number: 08000136662.I have registered a complaint with all those you recommmend on your dedicated website.
  3. "K" is brief and to the point: I've just received a call from 08000 641081. They hung up before I could answer.


  1. "M" says: I have been receiving these 'silent' calls for weeks and was loathed to dial a 'local' rate number and therefore earn LBM some money, am TPS Registered and have now e-mailed the enquiries e-mail you have most thoughtfully supplied.  Lets see what happens, eh!
  2. "B" reports: Just emailing to say I've had 3 calls from 08000641081 in the past two weeks all of which have been silent and ended when I've answered, very annoying!


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